How to turn any failure into gold

Have you ever been hesitant to do something to grow your business because of a past mistake or failure?

This is so much more common than you realize.

Recently, one of our students who owns a successful practice – we’ll call her Jennifer – expressed concern about growing her business to the next big level.

After digging a little deeper, I found out that she’d taken her practice to a much bigger size years ago, but saw it crashing down around her not too long after.

Why did the business collapse after such a massive growth spurt? A lack of systems and management that is required for this kind of fast growth.

This left Jennifer deflated and worried that she didn’t have what it takes to run a successful practice.

And because of it, frankly, she was really hesitant to attempt scaling her business again…

…until I took her through a transformational process I call The Groundhog Day Process™.

I shot this video to show you how to use this process to turn any failure or past mistake into a golden opportunity:

Here’s the deal…

To have the confidence to get things going again, it’s important that we learn from our mistakes, every single one of them.

In fact, I believe that there are NO mistakes when you use this Groundhog Day Process.

You see, when things don’t go the way we planned, we typically concentrate on the bad things.

But as we got to talking, Jennifer realized that there were so many things that she had done right, and if she concentrated on those things going forward (and remembered the things that didn’t work so well), then her business would succeed this time around, the right way.

Curious about how it works? This week’s 6-minute video takes you through my method for regaining entrepreneurial confidence and creating breakthroughs out of old breakdowns.

It’s really powerful.

And once you watch the video, my question for you today is:

What situation do you wish you could “Groundhog Day”? What priceless lessons have you learned from past mistakes that you can share with us?

Please share this with me in the comments and let’s start a conversation about this! I can’t wait to read your comments below.

Let’s grow your business the right way this time around!

Sending you big squeezy love,

P.S. Do you know of an entrepreneur who feels gun-shy about growing their business because of not-so-great-results in the past? Send them this blog and spread the love, ok? Thank you for being YOU. ;)

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Comments 10

  1. I had a pretty good business going, but started focusing on not working and missing deadlines. I lost all my clients. If I could do it over again, I would keep working and finish work and then had fun. My work is not steady, so when there is no work, I can take time for myself. Those clients are still out there, but I am afaird to approach them. I guess I don’t want to be rejected which is what I expect to happen.

    1. Working for yourself is great but it is HARD! Finding that great work/life balance is so difficult and is tough for almost every entrepreneur out there. It sounds like you’ve learned how to improve going forward. Put yourself out there — you can do it!! xo

  2. In 1996 I opened a fitness center and 2 years later found myself closing it and filing bankruptcy that was on my credit for 7 years. I have a fear of going into Bankruptcy again and stay small to feel safe. But I learned that I was working the business instead if being a leader.

    1. A hard lesson to learn, for sure. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Sometimes, though, the hardest struggles teach us the biggest lessons. It sounds like you learned so much from that experience and I have no doubt you are doing wonderful things now! Sending you love and good thoughts… xo

  3. I train tour directors and guides. My business grew like crazy. Companies called looking for trained staff. I went
    into staffing. One of the companies called and said they wanted to be able to say, “All of our staff has been trained by Professional Tour Management Training” and wanted all of their staff “under me”. I worked 7 days a week from 6am to midnight and brought in an AWFUL company to do payroll. I ended up walking away exhausted, frustrated and embarrassed. Today I train but have a fear of going “back”.

    1. So frustrating when something like that tarnishes an otherwise incredible journey. The great news is that you know what to look for now in a payroll company — and also what not to look for! Going back and starting over is scary, but you can do it! You are an impressive lady! xo

  4. Tim Quinn – One situation that was a total failure and I believed I could never learn from?

    Not venturing into situations in which the possibility of total failure was possible – Playing Safe

    Nothing else comes to mind when I ponder the aforementioned question. Certainly, I have experienced long spells of feeling stuck in marketing and such; however; for quite some time now, I have believed I can learn from everything and; eventually, move again. Now; with CABs support, I suspect there isn’t anything I can’t accomplish in a business sense.

    As best I can tell, my issues of feeling stuck stemmed from long-standing, nearly totally debilitating, experiences of no self-esteem & no self-confidence; I carried sooooooooooooooooooooooo much shame about simply being alive, I longed for nothing less than to not-be-alive. For 30 years; including the 17 years I’ve been practicing the craft of therapy, my self-esteem & confidence have slowly been resetting themselves to their true set-points. Presently, I can recover from anything, and do so very quickly. I feel a full range of emotions; however, MY INTENTION is to FEEL GOOD. Anytime, I sense an impending wreck; in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, I reground myself in my power. I NEVER again want to experience the senses of wreckage that consumed me for so long many years; and strongly suspect I never will. That said, I am most certainly open to any wisdom anyone may have re: the situation I just mentioned and success in business ~Tim

  5. Thank you for this Fabienne! I’ve spent the past 7 years guilting myself over the time in my business when I allowed a very lucrative contract fall through with Whole Foods Market because I wasn’t sure of HOW I would pull it off. At the time, I had created a new and unique food product and the buyer was interested in putting it in the stores here in the Chicago area. But when she asked if I wanted it to be placed in their stores nationally, as well, I became a deer in headlights. After the meeting, I started worrying about how I would make it all happen, and then I just never followed up. I do know now that I don’t need to worry about the HOW. Thank you for this video and I love your Groundhog Day process!

  6. Thank you for sharing, I haven’t experienced a failure yet thankfully but looking forward to franchising my company there are things I would recomend be done differently. Thank you for sharing!

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