How to Scale Your Business to Grow Your Income

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You can make more money in your business by adding more value to so many more people. It’s common sense and it’s simple. However it’s not always easy. The key is to look at your existing business model. Are you working one on one right now? Are you trading hours for dollars? Is your income limited by how many clients you can work with? If so, you’re in a classic Leverage Lucy (or Larry) business model—where you can’t make more money in your business because you are trapped in that particular paradigm.

The key to affecting more people’s lives and making more money is to change your business model! You’ll want to look at how you can scale what you’re already doing so that you can work with so many more people.

Your Video Assignment

For your assignment this week, I’d like you to consider the following two questions:  

1. How can you offer what you currently offer your clients in a much more scalable business model? Really think about how you can change what you’re currently doing so that clients still get great results and you’re able to work with many more of them.

2. Ask yourself, “If I had 100 brand new clients show up tomorrow, how would I change how I do business to accommodate all of them?” So maybe you’re working with 20 or 30 clients now but imagine that you had to take on 100 more—what would you need to do? And if you’re already working with hundreds of clients, imagine what you would need to do to accommodate thousands.

Really sit down and noodle this out. Look around in your industry—even in other industries—and   see how others are scaling their businesses and use that as your model. Stretch how you think about how you deliver your products and services in order to make more money and service way more clients.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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