How to retain clients longer

What would become possible if your clients stayed with you longer?

If they worked with you for years instead of months? If you became so valuable to the people you serve that they simply kept showing up?

What would it mean to their experience and results? What would it mean to your business? 

Today, I’ve got a very important message for you, one that will inspire you to think differently about how you structure your business.

This was all inspired by one of our Boldheart Business members who happens to own a dance studio. On our last Q&A call, she wanted some ideas to have people stick with her for longer. The answer I gave her doesn’t just apply to her business, it will likely apply to yours too. Here’s how you, too, can retain clients much longer. Watch this:

The fact is, it’s often way easier to keep an existing client than to attract a new one, and clients staying on longer will give your business so much stability.

To have people stay longer, it’s important that you understand why they leave in the first place. When you understand why they aren’t sticking around, you can think strategically about how to prevent these things.

After all of these years of being in business, I can tell you why they leave.

#1. They aren’t consuming or implementing your product or service, so they aren’t getting the full value of what you provide.

#2. They have unrealistic expectations of how long it will take to get the results they came to you for, so they give up on themselves.

Now that you know this, you can set your clients up for success. In this week’s free training video I share two ways for you to do this (changing your business model a bit) so you add more value.

Creating a place for people to be served for years to come is an incredible gift, not just to you, of course, but to THEM.

Is it true that your ideal clients would be better served and achieve better results by staying with you longer? 

Then perhaps it’s time to set them up for success by implementing these ideas –  and then watch your business (and your client results) skyrocket!

So much love,

P.S. What I said in today’s video about our members feeling like they’ve found their “home” here is one of the most humbling things for me to hear. It’s the piece I didn’t expect and the part I am most grateful for… It’s why you see videos, week after week, of our members on their 2nd, 3rd, and 6th year with us. It’s because they get results like these.

They are kicking ass and taking names, of course, and also feeling loved and appreciated, like they’ve found the tribe of friends they’ve literally been looking for their whole lives, so they don’t have to do it all alone any more. 

Are you curious about what would happen to your business if you finally had a way to create more impact through your business, a recipe for increasing your income while also increasing your downtime, and multiplying the happiness quotient in your life? Then let’s set up a free exploratory strategy call by clicking here so we can hear more about your business and see what results you could get if you got help. Let’s just talk.

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