How to regain trust in business

I’ve been betrayed.

(If you have too, then today’s video about trusting again will hit home.)

Probably like you, I’ve been betrayed at one time or another by team members, vendors, JV partnerships, even clients…

You name it, I’ve experienced it. And yes, it hurts.

I’m a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, who loves BIG, and the sad truth is that, just because we are people who operate from authenticity, integrity and love…doesn’t mean other people do too.

Sadly, many of us have learned this the hard way. But…

You can’t build your business much bigger than it is now without being in relationship with other people. So how do you trust again when you’ve been burned?

Watch this week’s inspirational how-to message to discover three ways to lean into to trust, with your eyes wide open:

Trusting other people is actually an inside job.

I’ve learned that, to succeed, we must take full responsibility for our part in it, not just blame the other person.

That being said, trusting blindly, without thinking through the risks and benefits or without making clear agreements is NOT an effective way to do business. Franky, this is how we get burned. We give trust too easily, believing others will do things in integrity.

One of the most powerful tools we teach our members in the Boldheart Business program is how to have “Level 3” conversations. These are the “go there” conversations where you put everything on the table before you enter an agreement.

It takes bravery. It means that you’re operating as a leader, and not a follower.

(I give you just how to do it in today’s video. I hope you love it.)

Listen, you need to collaborate with other people to get where you wish to go. Not from a “using” energy, but from a “the sum of 1+1=3” energy.

It’s simply a matter of learning the skill of giving trust while setting boundaries, expectations and mitigating risk.

It’s a matter of putting your “big girl business hat” on, and speaking up for yourself and what you and your business need.

You can do it. I believe in you.

Much love,

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