How to raise your rates without anxiety

Let’s get real for a minute, shall we?

Getting to the point where you consistently make much, much more money in your business is not always easy.

It takes big actions externally and, you may not realize this, it also takes big shifts internally. You must learn to do things you’ve never done before…
…things you were never taught when you learned how to do your craft.

Market. Sell. Promote. Engage. All in the name of getting to do the work you love.

(Enough to make you feel completely overwhelmed or like running for the hills when you don’t have the right mentorship.)

So it is very normal to feel incredibly anxious about changing anything once it’s working. Especially when it comes to raising your prices.

One of our members was recently struggling with this very thing. She was worried!

“What if I can’t enroll new clients at this new price point!? What if all my clients leave??”

Totally. Normal.

In fact, watch this week’s video to learn how to raise your rates gracefully by using the same four-step process that I taught her to move through fear, anxiety and worry, to having complete and total conviction about her new rates. Maybe you could use this too? If so, watch this now:

Another get-real minute:

When you believe it… They will believe it.
When you know it’s worth it, they won’t doubt it’s worth it.
When you are excited about your offers, they will be excited about your offers.

At whatever price point.

It’s all in your Mindset. Always.

Owning and running your own business is one of the best tools for personal growth and expansion. I always say, “New level, new devil.” 😉 

Meaning…every time we step into the next level of success, it is a direct result of shifting our inner beliefs to match that new level.

So, to feel great about your new rates and share them enthusiastically with the people you are here to serve, simply use the four step process I walk you through in the video. (Did you like my fancy chart??!)

Trust me, it works! That story I told you about when I offered my 100K Diamond Level program? It’s totally true. I couldn’t have sold it for the life of me until I really, really examined the benefits of the offering, determined its value, and made that program so incredibly juicy with client extras and surprises that I wanted to buy it!!!

Doing this exercise will bolster and solidify your own sense of the value you provide and help you see that you are absolutely worthy of these new rates.

You, my dear, are a Boldheart.

Boldhearts do not undercut their value (or prices) to cater to the false cultural belief that money is scarce.

No. Money is everywhere.

We Boldhearts embrace abundance in all things. And we know that our ability to charge premium rates (for premium results) is directly correlated to our self-worth.

(Truth? You are infinitely worthy. Your actual worth was never in doubt. It is a reflection of the divine. If you don’t yet think so, it’s simply because of a set of beliefs that stand in the way of you knowing this.)

Do this exercise.

And then go out there and broadcast your work to those who need you, and watch what happens.

I predict you will be thrilled with the results.

Much love,

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We are here to help, and if it feels like a fit, we can talk about how you can join us here at Boldheart. Apply now.

You are worthy of getting the best support possible.


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