How to overcome Growth Guilt

If you’ve ever held yourself back because you feel guilty for wanting more, then today’s video is for you, sweet friend.

There is an insidious form of self-sabotage at play that you may not even realize is stopping you when it comes to achieving more in your business.

I call it Growth Guilt and it can keep us from saying yes to big opportunities or taking powerful actions. It has you settle for “good enough” when you are destined for greatness and true impact.

Watch this:

Most of us live around people who aren’t comfortable with unapologetically going after big, big dreams. And it can get very uncomfortable to want to go after yours when you’re in that environment (trust me, I’ve been there).

Listen, what is happening in your business isn’t anyone else’s business. Especially the naysayers, bubble bursters and negative nellies out there.

Let’s not judge these people, because what is 100% true is that they think they are being “helpful” by asking you when enough will be enough. What’s important is that YOU, as a Boldheart, don’t take on their projections or smallness.

There are a few ways to overcome Growth Guilt so you stop getting in your own way. I have outlined them in this week’s video.

Here’s what I want you to hear from me now…

You are worthy of wanting more.

You are worthy of wanting more, even if you have (by the standards of others) a lot. This doesn’t make you materialistic or greedy. It means you are being called to play a bigger game on the planet, to change more lives.
You are being called to experience more LIFE…to make more IMPACT…to SERVE more people.

This is permission to hold your big dreams close to your heart. They don’t need to be shared with people who won’t get it, or, through their own choices, those who are stuck in struggle.

Their experience is not our responsibility.

We need you aiming higher, my sweet. And by we, I mean the world. I mean the other people who will be quietly inspired by what you are doing and achieving and use your example to light a fire of their own passion and their own dreams of a life of impact.

You don’t need to say a thing. Share your dreams with those who will believe in you, those who will give you a big high five and a resounding, “You go, girl!!” when your movement gets real traction or you hit that million in your business.

Much love,

P.S. Isolation stinks. That, too, is a form of self-sabotage. I’ve realized you can’t create big impact in your business by working alone. There’s just too much that can damage your confidence.

If you’re looking for your tribe of unapologetic dream seekers who you can share things with, let’s talk. I invite you to explore what it would be like to feel really (really!) supported for the first time in your business.

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