How to overcome a slump in new business

Sometimes I meet women business owners who used to do really well in their business and they’ve hit a dry spell. If that’s you, today’s video is going to really help.

They’re left wondering, “What happened to the results? Why isn’t it happening for me anymore?”

You might have experienced this at one point in your life, maybe even now. Sometimes things look bleak when no new business is coming in or you feel like you’ve been at a plateau for some time.

If so, this week’s message is definitely for you, sweet friend. Watch it now:

Business owners will sometimes say to me, “I feel that if I can’t figure out why I’m at this plateau, I’m just going to close the business. Can you help?”

Well, yes, I can totally help and it’s usually one thing that is getting in the way.

It’s what I call Marketing Complacency (and by the way, I’ve been there myself. I get it!)

It’s when you recently stopped doing what you were doing in the beginning when you were really hustling.

Listen, I’m not judging you. Like I said, I’ve experienced this too.

In the beginning, I would go and put myself out there, everywhere I could. I’d put in that little extra elbow grease because I wanted to get my business off the ground.

But after a while, we get busy with clients, right? We get busy with obligations of all kinds…

And what happens?

We stop doing the things that got us results in the first place.

But we don’t notice that we stopped taking certain actions.

So, if you’re experiencing a drought of some sorts, it might be that you’re not putting enough effort in the marketing.

Perhaps you’re putting too many eggs in the “delivery” basket (helping your clients, those who paid you) and too few in the “marketing” basket (actually doing what it takes to attract ideal clients).

So, let’s figure out what happened!

I’d like you to take out a sheet of paper and write down all the things that you used to do to market your business, that you’re no longer doing now.

Start thinking back to the beginning….

…“I used to do this, this and that___.”

Ask yourself, “Am I still doing those things? In the past, did I do those things more? Could I stand to do those things at a greater frequency than I’m doing them now?”

You might get an insight into what happened just by doing this.

The idea is to look at where you might be resting on your marketing laurels and then take personal responsibility for that.

And start picking up the volume again.

It might also be that times have changed and there are new ways of marketing that you don’t know that you don’t know about.

And whether it’s from us and the Boldheart Business program or some from someone else, it’s time for you to learn how to do the marketing things that are getting results for lots of other people.

If you’re not marketing enough or not getting enough results from what you’re currently doing to get new clients to come to you, let’s talk (click here).

Perhaps there’s a new way of marketing that you’ve heard of, but you don’t know exactly how to do it.

If so, it’s time to get learning! Let’s not get too cool for school.

In addition to what used to work, let’s together look at what’s working now and commit to doing more of that. OK?

We’re here for you,

P.S. Our purpose is to help you get your passion and contribution out in the world to as many people as possible (and have you make very good money doing it).

If you’re longing to reach a whole new altitude in your business but you just don’t seem to be hitting the levels you know deep down you’re capable of, that’s where we come in.

Whether it’s taking you to a consistent place of 10K per month or multiple 6 or even 7 figures, we may be just the business sherpa you need.

There’s only one way to find out. We gotta talk.

Book a free call here and let us know what’s working and what’s not, and we’ll help you get on your way faster and more efficiently than you thought possible, or would be able to do on your own.

Click here to book a free session to talk about your situation and let’s see if we have what you need.

If we can’t help, we’ll refer you to other resources that are better suited for you.

We’re here.

We believe in you.

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