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How to Network and Make Strategic Connections on Twitter

No matter what industry or market you’re in, it’s important to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in your niche around the globe. These days, news and information comes to us in so many ways… Sometimes I find that overwhelming and I like to cut to the chase. If I want news fast, I’ll head to Twitter.

So many of us are on Twitter, talking to friends and colleagues and clients. We follow companies and brands and receive instantaneous news updates, status updates, content and so much more. But are you using Twitter effectively for your business networking?

Use Twitter to make meaningful connections around trends in your company, brand, message or industry.

Twitter is all about the conversation. All social media thrives on two-way communication and Twitter is one of the best formats for that. It’s not necessarily a platform to broadcast, but rather to engage and find out what’s going on in your space right now.

Before social media, networking was a whole different ball game. If you were looking to connect with like-minded people, you had to literally get out there. I mean, you had to physically step out there into the world and engage in face-to-face interactions. While these interactions are priceless, we don’t always have the time for them as busy entrepreneurs. We also don’t want to be limited by time or geography; we want to get out there and reach the people that matter to us no matter whey they are.

Where can we do that? On Twitter. Watch this week’s video strategy to learn all about how you can share your message and connect effectively with the right people using Twitter.

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment

Get out there and start interacting with others on Twitter. Find out what’s trending in relation to your company, brand, message or industry and start making those important connections. If you take five minutes to do this every day, your network and email subscriber list will grow, allowing you to attract more partners and more clients.

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