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How to Market Your Business with Authenticity

Procrastination around marketing is a common issue for many entrepreneurs, one that can affect revenues.

You know you need to market your business, but when it comes down to it, you find yourself doing everything BUT the tasks that you know you need to complete, yes?

This video will help:

So, why is procrastination around marketing an issue when we KNOW we need to get the word out there?

As I’ve seen with many thousands of our past clients on their way to 20K, 50K, 100K months, the root of this problem lies not in “knowing what to do” but in the negative societal perception of marketers.

Here’s what I mean…Our society tends to reward people who build better products or services, but NOT those who market better products or services.

This is because marketers are often viewed as sleazy and inauthentic thieves who are only out to take our money.

That being true, it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing or even want to avoid it completely!

How do you get past this, both in the PERCEPTION to your ideal clients and also as a way to get out there in a bigger way?

The solution lies in the fact that you don’t have to be THAT kind of marketer.

You see, you have the power to choose what kind of marketer you want to be.

One of the things we teach the women business owners as they scale their businesses in our signature program is to decide on the ENERGY they want to lead with in their marketing.

You can choose to be:

  • a valuable marketer
  • a generous marketer
  • a compassionate marketer
  • a prolific marketer who cares
  • a loving marketer, or any other kind of marketer that aligns with your values and personality.

The key is to be your authentic self in your marketing.

If you’re funny, be a funny marketer.
If you’re spiritual, be spiritual in your marketing.
If you love to dance, why not dance in your marketing?

By being true to who you are, marketing can feel natural and even fun.

And when you’re having fun with it, you’re more likely to do it more often and be more prolific with it.

THAT is how you bypass procrastination in marketing. It’s been tested by thousands of our members and the results they get are outstanding.

So, my challenge to you is to think about who you really are and what kind of marketer you want to be. Don’t worry about conforming to the negative stereotypes of marketers. Instead, embrace your authentic self and bring that energy to your marketing.

By doing so, you’ll not only enjoy marketing more, but you’ll also build a more authentic and genuine connection with your audience.

Now, I get that you may know what KIND of marketer you want to be now, but you may not know exactly how to create Omnipresent Marketing that has you be on surround sound in your ideal clients’ lives, without creating overwhelm.

We can help. We have an amazing methodology for leveraging your marketing that has you “appear” to have your message be everywhere, without you having to work so hard.

If you’re curious, we should connect.

Let’s talk. We would like to hear more about your business and map out a plan for you to show you how you can reach those 20K, 50K, 75K months or more, by DOING LESS, BETTER.

We offer a free exploratory session, a heart-to-heart strategy conversation that could just be the one that changes everything for the better.

Set up a time to discuss your business with one of my amazing, heart-centered coaches. Together, we’ll map out your plan to get out of the day-to-day grind of your business and have you focus on the things that matter most (one that doesn’t require you to be so involved.)

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You deserve to scale your business with more freedom,

Fabienne Fredrickson
Author of the book The Leveraged Business
Founder of Boldheart Business

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