How to Market with Love

How to Market with LoveThis is the third article in my series about marketing with authenticity, integrity and love. Today I want to wrap it up by talking to you about Marketing with Love. Yes, that’s right, with LOVE. This is going to seem like an unusual topic, especially when we’re talking about what it takes to bring on more clients and make more money, but stay with me, because it’s one of the most powerful and fundamental things you can do to attract more client and make more money.

OK, so how do you market with love? First, realize that everyone on earth wants to feel loved and significant. There is not a single person on earth who doesn’t want to feel loved. And you can use this—authentically of course—in your marketing.

The more loved you make prospects and clients feel, the more they will be attracted to you. (Click here to tweet this.)

And exactly how can you do this? Watch this week’s video where I share what works for us here at Client Attraction.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Marketing with love may be a challenge for some because it’s not how we were taught to do business. So go easy on yourself. Incorporating more love into your marketing can be a gradual process. Take your time with it, but I promise as it becomes more natural for you, you’ll see wonderful results. People respond to love—it’s human nature.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Fabienne, I haven’t had a chance to watch this video (I know it’s awesome and will) but just finished reading your newsletter about Africa. Chills were all over my body and I started to well-up. I love so much what you are about and stand for.

    I know in the future I will be experiencing a similar experiences (Africa and the level of success you have reached), it will be a dream come true.

    Thank you for being you, and send thanks to Derek as well.

    With love!

  2. Awesome once again, Fabienne! This one is actually fairly easy for me, because as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, one of the first things I learned about the company is that it was founded on the principles of the Golden Rule and “Faith first, Family second, and Career third.”
    I DO love my customers, & tell them so. We hug, & they ALWAYS get chocolate in their reorder bags! I sign my messages “hugs,” & they know I mean it. So thanks for reinforcing what I know. “Pretend everyone you meet has a sign around his neck that says ‘Make me feel important.'” You can’t go wrong!
    Thanks, Donna

  3. Using the word ‘love’ as a marketing tool is becoming something of a trend, and you can find examples in some very odd places. McDonald’s billboards offer bigger than big sandwiches that promise “Twice the Love”. But does anyone believe the hype? And how many question what it might possibly mean? More uncomfortably, the practice of offering ‘love’ in exchange for dollars has much in common with what used to be called ‘gold digging’ and certain other dubious professions. In any case, convincing people that you love them in order to part them from their money is not love, but only manipulation. Business is business, for good or ill, fair or unfair. And even the carney huckster is a businessman – one you easily recognize as a con artist – but he doesn’t pretend to love you.

    Love takes many forms, as anyone who has experienced it knows. But if you think that you can sit in a chair and send out ‘love beams’ to your millions of potential customers in hopes of attracting their money into your bank account you are only dreaming. And you have also forgotten what it is to love.

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