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How to Market with Authenticity

This is Part One of my three part training where I’ll cover what it means to market with Authenticity, Integrity and Love. Today we’ll cover Marketing with Authenticity. At the The Leveraged Business Business School, our students are taught how to market their business with authenticity, integrity and love. So what does marketing with authenticity really mean?

Authentic marketing begins, not with tactics or strategy, but with the SELF. Think about it… We as individuals are most attracted to people who we trust and we trust people who are true to their core values, who are authentic and transparent…people who are themselves. The same goes for businesses.

Being authentic in your marketing allows people to trust you and when they trust you, they buy from you. (Click here to tweet this.)

Authentic marketing is about being unapologetically true to yourself, expressing the core essence of who you are and what you believe, without fear or criticism. For example, if you’re naturally funny, be funny in your marketing. If you have a rebellious nature, be rebellious! If you’re stylish, be stylish. If you love to dance, then go ahead and dance in your marketing! If you are an emotional or passionate person, or if your eyes naturally well up in tears when you are passionate about a topic, then know that it is totally ok to be emotional and passionate, and to even let your eyes well up in tears.

Watch this week’s video to find out just how to stop holding back from who you truly are. The people who resonate with the real you, are the ones who will really want to work with you. It’s time to come out from behind the false mask. This is the new way of marketing!

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment

How have you not been your most authentic self in your marketing? Where have you misled others about who you really are or what you really do or believe? How can you start being more authentic in your marketing today?

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