How to manifest anything you want

Part of being a successful entrepreneur involves having the courage to put yourself out there in the world.

And even when you’re doing great things, and loving people up, there will still be people who are going to be “not so lovely” with you.

It’s just part of playing a bigger game. They likely think that because you’ve been given a lot, there is less abundance left for them.

I recorded a super-short video for you this week that explains why this is absolutely, most definitely not the case:

I recently received a comment on my Facebook wall that got me thinking about the mindset of other “lack” oriented people, including this young woman I talk about in the video.

(Nothing’s wrong with her. She just hasn’t been introduced to how abundance gets created through her mindset yet. I sent her love despite her comment…)

Abundance in business is largely a result of your beliefs and your expectations of what’s possible. You’ll see how when you watch the video.

I’d like you to be one of the people who believes and knows that anything is possible.

In fact, this week’s video will show you one tool I have used for years to bring abundance into my life, one that you can use too to manifest anything you want.

After you’ve watched the video, please let me know the answer to these two short questions by writing me a comment:

What is it that you really want to attract in your business and in your life? What will you write on your own goal card?

I’d love to know! Please write me your response in the comments!

Thanks so much for being part of our awesome community.

We love you!

Sending big hugs,

P.S. About this mindset topic and mastering the inner game of abundance: just making sure that you registered for my new and totally free online course called “Master Your Mindset.” (It’s awesome.) If you haven’t yet, no problem, but just make sure you get yourself there now and register for it. Once you’ve enjoyed the first free class, please forward the link (or this email) on to everyone you know who could use better results, so they can register too, OK? Let’s together spread the word about this free mindset training course! Thank you so much. Here’s where you get access to my new free training class. xoxo

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Comments 61

  1. Thank you Fabienne! As always you overcome adversity with love and giving. I hope Suzie sees this video and is inspired to overcome her negative thoughts that are obviously overpowering her. You give freely of your knowledge and inspire everyone. I attended one of your seminars in CT and was so happy and surprised you gave hugs and love to anyone/everyone. Suzie could not be more wrong about who you are. Thank you again for this great tip on positive thoughts to create and manifest positive outcomes!! Your the best!

      1. I am so happy and grateful now that –
        I have built a solid business with my oldest friend
        I have a well-run business with a fantastic range of product
        I have happy customers and staff
        I am empowering women through well-paid employment
        I am secure financially and able to give back to the community and my family and friends
        I have a successful business that I can be proud of
        I can embrace my previous success and lose the draining negativity that I carry around

  2. As always Fabienne, you have shared beautiful content to move people in the direction of their most amazing, beautiful life. I need this reminder to get back to my goal cards! Off to get my colored pens and cards right now. Much love and appreciation! xoxo

  3. I am so happy and grateful that I have 10 dental practices that I am coaching and have consistent clients who are using my staffing/recruiting services. I am also so happy that I live in a 4 bedroom home with a fireplace and beautiful back yard minutes from the beach in beautiful Stamford, CT

  4. Fabienne!! I am so happy and grateful now that I make over $6,000 in commission on every real estate closing transaction!

  5. I am so happy and grateful now that I am
    consistently welcoming 2 Visionary clients into my practice each month! It
    feels SO good to offer my gifts to these women and see that they are thriving
    as a result of my coaching!

  6. Fabienne, I am so happy and grateful now that I am consistently attracting my ideal client, that I am personally making $10k a month and I am doing weddings at the following venues this year; Roche Harbor, Haiku Mills, Sheraton Maui, Sugar Beach, Andaz Maui, Alderbrook Resort and a fabulous private residence. It is great to see my clients and my employees happy and enjoying wedding planning.

  7. Fabienne, I am so happy and grateful that I have a thriving life transformation coaching business, easily attract my ideal clients and earn $15,000/month in my coaching business alone!!!

  8. Thank you Fabienne. I am so happy and grateful NOW that you and CABS are in my life!
    Blessings and gratitude to you, your family, and the Client Attraction team.

  9. So funny… Earlier today I was writing some new goal cards for myself and my business, so here is one of them…

    It is December 1st, 2015 and I am SO HAPPY and GRATEFUL that I am flying first class to my first Leverage meeting in Stamford, CT. It feel refreshed and energized coming into this meeting and I am excited to move my business to forward.

  10. I am so happy and grateful now that I have an amazing business earning $10K a month happy other female entrepreneurs create digital products and bombshell brands!

  11. “I am so happy and grateful now that I make $15,000 per month!!” You are lovely Fabienne! I think you handled this negative comment in the most elegant way! Many blessings to you my dear and Thank you for all that you do!

  12. “I am so happy and grateful now that I make $15,000 per month.” You are lovely Fabienne. You handled this negative comment with grace and elegance. Many blessings to you my dear and Thank You for all that you do!!

  13. I am so happy and grateful now that I have a really successful practice where I can help so many people discover how to live an easier and more enjoyable life. It fills my soul to see the transformations and the smiles on their faces. I love the fact that I get paid twice, with money in the bank and satisfaction in my heart.

  14. I am SO exquisitely happy and incredibly grateful that our company, Global Horizons, has a completely filled calendar serving AT LEAST 12 speaking engagements/workshops/trainings per month earning more than $3 million a year to share with the world!

  15. You have such a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing this post/video. What a blessing. Now for my assignment….”I am so happy and grateful that all of actions have produced a magnificent outcome and residual results in my business earning over 20K per month. I am so happy and grateful that my music career has blossomed and that my music has sold to millions. And I am so happy and grateful that I am in a fulfilling and loving relationship”

  16. I am so happy and grateful now that my eCourse has been quickly finished and that it has helped many people make positive changes in their lives. I am so happy and grateful now that my information was quickly turned into a #1 bestselling book. I am so happy and grateful now that abundance and financial freedom has come quickly to me to provide for my needs and to serve others. Blessings to you Fabienne!

  17. Fabienne I am so happy and grateful now that I and my dear soulmate husband have built our large strawbale home with amazing views and gardens filled with established trees and colourful plants.

  18. I am so happy and grateful now that here it is August 31st, and we have all the cash in hand that we need to pay for my daughter’s braces!

      1. BTW, we prayed for this all throughout August, put it on my whiteboard in big letters and on a note card in front of me on my desk. Going to an appointment tomorrow morning with her orthodontist and can stroke a check for it. :)

  19. I am so happy and grateful that I attended the Millionaire Mindset half-day program in NYC on July 16th! I’m still seeing what amazing things will come of it, but so far I have signed a contract to work with one of the other attendees to seriously up-level my marketing. I joined an online dating site and met a really wonderful man. My interaction with clients has shifted, and they are seeing changes in themselves. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. I’ll keep you posted!

  20. I am so happy and grateful now that more and more listeners and sponsors are discovering my Internet talk radio show “Family Matters” on

  21. I am so happy and grateful that I easily bring in $5,000 a month or more in my coaching business, ESL classes and side biz. I am so happy and grateful that my health is restored and I can breathe fully and freely. I am so so happy and grateful that my book is print ready and will soon be helping thousands of people heal their most pressing health issue–BREATHING!!

  22. I am very grateful that I’m expressing my business a steady income of over 5mil us helping more people every day and making it very easily

  23. I am so happy and grateful now that I have a fabulous office where my clients who appreciate the quality of fine home furnishings can come and meet with me and my staff, and are telling all their friends about how great Bohnne and her team are to work with.

  24. Hi Fabienne and everyone. I am so happy and grateful now that I have had 20 new high paying clients plus a group sale.
    I am so happy and grateful that I am a super successful business owner with many positive business results that I celebrated with my freinds and family. I am so happy and grateful that I drove my new 4 door car to my house with the grandkids and we enjoyed the updates of the house and my keyboard we played on.

  25. I am so happy and grateful not that I earn $10000/month in online sales doing what I love, and that my nursery and kids decor inspires Mom’s to decorate a special space for their kids to grow.

  26. I am so incredibly exquisitely joyfully happy and thankful that I wake up refreshed every day and my body feels vibrant! I love eating clean and I am lean and I work with incredible people and team that generates $2 million in 2022 through speaking engagements workshops and a virtual empire for teachers and school leaders worldwide!! Our abundance we share with the world and leave a legacy of peace and harmony.

  27. Fabienne, I am so happy and grateful that I have a thriving business that gives me financial and time freedom.

  28. I am so happy and grateful now that:
    I have established a solid business foundation with various aspects on different platforms
    My business runs smoothly and efficiently with fabulous employees
    My rebranded company has multiple streams of income
    I am only working 15 hours a week, enjoying every moment being creative and hosting events and retreats
    I serve a multitude of ongoing new and loyal clients who are learning how to value themselves and contribute, creating more ripples of goodness
    I am nearly debt free while building ample retirement, able to spend time with my children and grandchildren
    I am more available to receive my soulmate and man of my dreams to walk through the rest of our lives together
    I have freedom to do anything I want, any time I want
    I am able to contribute to worthy causes and have a plan to create a non-profit to help low income families break through financial barriers

  29. I am so happy and grateful now that…..

    1. Boldheart has taught me how to gain enough clients that I had to hire another practitioner.
    2. I am working less with an ever-growing business with higher incomes and more happy clients.
    3. I had to hire a virtual assistant to hep with my day-to-day tasks.
    4. I am financially stable through my business and don’t have to rely on personal income.
    5. Most of my clients are from referrals from existing clients that have seen amazing results.

  30. I am so happy and grateful now that,
    My business and the revenue within it will grow substantially
    Those new candidates will arrive with credentials in tow to support the elevation that the business is going into.
    That the day-to-day routines will be easier and conform to the environment
    That people who do not belong here will move on to better endeavors
    That my life will get easier and self-care will be a priority
    That I will receive my first paycheck
    That the strategy of my business will be consistent and relevant
    That I will meet people in my life who will help me to build my brand
    That we will have a bigger space and that expansion is on the horizon for us

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