How to Manage Your Time by Clustering Client Appointments

BlogPost01242014Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of scheduling their appointments whenever the client is available, as opposed to thinking about when is best for them as a business owner.

Many years ago, I was hired by a chiropractor that had just opened up a professional practice out of her home. Prior to joining my program to work on her Client Attraction, she had just a few clients, mostly friends and family.

Schedule client appointments back-to-back instead of sporadically throughout the day. (Click here to tweet this.)

Other than not having enough clients, she was frustrated by two things. First of all, she had to be in the office at all times, ready to see a client at a moment’s notice in case someone just popped by. That made her reluctant to work on her marketing because she didn’t want to be ill-prepared if someone showed up for an adjustment. Secondly, she found herself having to prep the office six and sometimes seven days a week because she was scheduling appointments at any time the clients suggested.

In a matter of days, we changed all of that. She was able to maximize her time, spend more time on marketing and quickly grew her practice. Watch the video below where I share how clustering client appointments can make the biggest difference from the early stages of your business to the days when you need to manage a full practice.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Take a look at your calendar: are your client appointments timed efficiently for you as an entrepreneur? Next time a client calls to schedule time, offer time that is available and best for your schedule. If you have not yet set hours of operation, do so and educate your clients on these hours. Use your free blocks of time for marketing, expanding your client base and growing your business as a whole.

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