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How to know if you need systems in your business

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So today I would like to continue discussing the power of processes and systems in your business when it comes to scale up. I know there are still people who cringe at the word “system”, so let’s look at how it’s defined (it’s actually pretty amazing when you look at how systems work in nature). The following definition is based on a book called Work the System:

A system is a group of interacting, interrelated or interdependent elements, forming a complex whole. It’s a bunch of different little things that are working together to create something complex. So it’s a group that functions as a whole and works on its own. 

How does this apply to your growth in impact, income and freedom? 

Consistency comes from stability, regularity, dependability, reliability and uniformity… If you want to scale, you need systems in your business

Let me show you how all of those become true:

Yes, I understand that those words may not have been ones that have felt comfortable in the past. For most people who open up a business, these words feel constricting…but these are the things that turn your business into one that can be sold for millions down the line. 

This is why consistency is a very good thing! 

A systems-based business can be scaled and successfully replicated again and again. 

Just look at all of the franchise models – everything comes back down to every aspect of the business being documented and process-driven so that when it works in one location, it can work in another location without fail.


Consistency can be achieved when everything is documented, so we’re producing predictable, reliable results. Implement systems in your business and take it to the next level.


For example, when I used to do large events of any kind, I wouldn’t have to worry about the flowers, what kind of food there would be, the certain way that things were placed on the table, what time we would start, what time we would end, how to set up the audio visual…everything would be done for me because we had SYSTEMS for everything. 

So when I walked in the room at the beginning, I knew that everything was going to be perfect. Why? Because everything down to the flowers was a documented process. That allowed me to stay in my unique brilliance because other people could take care of it for me. 

Your reality right now, as it was for me in the beginning, is that you are likely the one holding everything together. Many, many things currently depend on you, or they are driven by people rather than processes. 

How do you know where you need systems in your business ?

It’s actually very simple. Any aspect of your business that you’re still involved in is one that you haven’t systemized enough to fully delegate, so it’s time to automate. 

Where are you still too involved in your business?

Pull out your journal and think about the day-to-day operations…even if it’s just once a month or once a year, it is a part of your business that you haven’t systematized enough. These are the things you need to start creating systems for. 

Imagine that you are no longer involved in many of the day-to-day operations because you have systems in your business, for everything. Now, ask yourself:

  • What will my life be like when I’m no longer involved in these activities?
  • What else could be the best use of my time in the business?
  • What good things would happen if I were no longer involved in those activities I listed?

Starting to see it now? Things can be SO different when you leverage systems in your business. 

If you now see you need systems and consistency, but don’t know where to start with those, or with anything that would help you scale your business and give you the ability to take 14 to 16 weeks of unplugged vacations per year, we can help, as we’ve done with thousands before you. 

It starts with one simple conversation with my team so we can find out more about your situation. Just use this link to book a chat with one of our Strategy Coaches so we can help you determine what your most pressing needs are, the ones that will allow you to grow quickly in reach, income and also freedom. 

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