How to Increase the Know, Like and Trust Factor

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Today I want to talk to you about getting prospects to trust you.  You’ve heard this before: the Know, Like and Trust factor, the KLT factor.  Prospects don’t buy from people they don’t know, they don’t like or they don’t trust.

Can you manufacture trust?  Well, I don’t know if you can manufacture trust because you have to be a person of integrity and you have to be real and you have to have their best intentions in mind.

I’m not sure you can manufacture trust, but what you can do is you can actually shorten the timeline between the time when somebody first meets you and when they begin to trust you, know you, like you and trust you. 

What is one of those ways that you can shorten that timeline?  It’s by being vulnerable in your marketing.  Yes, being real and being vulnerable.  When you are vulnerable in your marketing, it helps take down the walls of skepticism.

Everyone’s a skeptic.  You have to be in this world to keep yourself safe, but there’s a point at which we see a marketer or we see somebody who we might want to hire, we keep our walls up.

Let’s say you begin to be a little bit more vulnerable and allow the walls to come down just a bit and you show some of the ways that you’re not perfect or you’re not trying to be slick and shiny all the time. Instead,  you’re just trying to be you. You have good content and you have good solutions and you’re a likeable person. The more vulnerable you are, the more people like you, faster.  Does that make sense?

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment

Your assignment today is to figure out how you can you be even more vulnerable in your content.  One of the ways that I did this many years ago was to weave in some of my own difficulties in my business.  Instead of saying, “Oh, no I’ve got it all together and nothing bad has ever happened to me in business,” I started weaving in some of the struggles that I had and then the solution became part of the teaching that I was doing.

The more I began to share what was not going well and how I turned it around, the more inspired people were, the more they saw me as being someone real and trustworthy and maybe just more likeable.  “This person’s not all slick and sheen.  I guess I can relate.”

Relatability is everything.  Rapport is everything.  If you’re looking to attract more clients or to multiply your business, I really want you to think about showing more vulnerability in your content. Show more vulnerability in your marketing.

Again, that doesn’t mean putting it all out there and showing all your flaws.  People want to aspire to be like you or have the same income or results or family or health…or whatever you teach. They want to know that you’re not just all slick.

One caveat;  there’s a difference between letting them into your life a little bit and being too personal.  There’s a difference between stuff that’s private and stuff that’s personal.  You can talk about some of the personal stuff.  Keep the private stuff private for obvious reasons, but that’s your assignment for this week.  Be a little bit more vulnerable.  What I’ve experienced is clients come out of the woodwork when that happens.


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