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My video tip for you today involves learning How to implement more. Did you know that most entrepreneurs aren’t wired to see things all the way through to successful completion, as much as we are to START things. That’s right, it’s very likely that you’re not wired to get things done – so give yourself a break already and STOP struggling.

I admit it, I’m not a finisher. The word ‘entrepreneur’ comes from the French word, ‘entreprendre’ – which means to undertake, to launch, to begin. I’m a true entrepreneur through and through. I’m great at starting things, but not finishing them. And guess what? If your ideas aren’t being implemented – if someone isn’t seeing them through to completion – then you won’t get the results you’re looking for in your business! It’s as simple as that.

To see results, you must figure out how you’re wired. When I coach my Platinum (and higher level) clients, one of the first things we do together is figure out how they’re wired. If you don’t figure this out, you’ll continue to struggle.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

  1. Understand how you’re wired. Are you someone who starts things, or are you someone who completes things? If you’re a starter, you need to surround yourself with people who are finishers. Even if it’s part time or a virtual person a few hours a week, you’ll need someone to take care of the things that you’ve started.
    Discipline and willpower are not going to work if you’re not wired to finish projects. Surround yourself with people who will finish things for you.
  2. Create time in your day. You need uninterrupted time where you can work on things that need to be finished because there will be things that you cannot delegate. Set it in your calendar, like a client appointment, then those things will get done.
  3. Set up accountability measures.  When you have people holding you accountable for implementing, it will help you focus. My best advice is to get a high level mentor or join a mastermind group that focuses on accountability and implementation. If you don’t have that, you’ll get distracted and you won’t get as much done. You want to talk to someone daily who will help you finish the things that you start.

Use these 3 tips to bypass discipline and go straight to implementation. Remember, when you implement, that’s when you make more money. When you focus on implementing money-generating activities and money-generating implementation, you will multiply your income dramatically.

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