How to ‘have it all’

In today’s new video that, yes, that big dream that you have…

…you can absolutely achieve it. 

You CAN have it all, whatever “all” means to you. 

How do I know? 

Well, it’s really about the quality of your thoughts, and cultivating a ‘white hot desire’ for what you want. Here’s exactly what I mean (watch this):

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” 

Really take a moment to take this statement in. 

It’s all a question of your belief system, your mindset, how you see yourself. 

And what I really want you to get is that you can achieve anything that you want in life…if you believe it, if you expect it – you can do it. 

If it has been done by somebody else, you can do it, too. 

This is where being stubborn and unyielding is one of the greatest things that you could be. 

I invite you to think bigger than you usually think. 

Dream a bigger dream than you’ve allowed yourself to dream before. 

And then, fix that dream, fix that big goal, into your subconscious. Think about it all day long, every day (this is what Napoleon Hill calls “the white hot desire”).

Then, I want you to be so focused on that thing, that it’s the only thing you think about

And what you’ll notice is that, if you begin to expect it, even if you don’t know how to achieve it, the ‘how’ will show up. All the little things that will get you there, like breadcrumbs you follow, start to appear, like magic. 

If you’ve ever talked yourself out of going after a big goal because you might just fail, let this be a sign, a friendly reminder, that anything you want is possible for you right now. 

Yes, you. 

I believe in you. 

You can make this happen. 

Just stay focused, okay?

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