How to handle an unsupportive spouse

One of the most difficult things about being an entrepreneur is the feeling of isolation, of being alone against the elements.

And although few people ever dare to talk about this, this feeling of isolation can be exaggerated when the people in your life who are supposed to support you, well, don’t.

Hey, even though you believe in what you’re doing and have faith that your ideas will lead to great things, it’s not always easy for those around you to get on board with your ideas of expansion…

… especially when it comes to investing money in growing your business.

Ever experience having a conversation with your partner about investing money in your business and not getting the answer you wanted?

This week’s new 7-minute content video (and script) may help you turn things around:

Admittedly, I’m going out on a limb here today, addressing a subject that few would ever touch.

In my many years of working with students in The Client Attraction Business School, I’ve come across countless business owners who want to invest in their business but experience backlash from their life (or business) partner.

Many times, the entrepreneur feels as though they have to decide between a thriving business and a happy home life…:(

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In today’s video, I explain why most partners are initially hesitant about having you invest in your growth and what to say to bring them over to your side, believe in you and support your decision to invest in yourself.

After you watch today’s video, please tell me in the comments: What would you invest in (financially) if you finally had your spouse or business partner’s full support?

I am really looking forward to supporting you to achieve even bigger results.

Contrary to popular belief, you really can have it all.

See you in the comments.

I’m rooting for you from the sidelines, OK? Go!


p.s. Can you think of other entrepreneurs who secretly (or not so secretly) struggle with this too? Would you send them this blog so they can have more confidence and conviction in their own business or life?

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  1. I would invest in a high in program that will help me rebuild and grow my business. My wife is very supportive with anything I do – however she doesn’t believe that I need to have someone show/teach me how to operate my coaching business. She doesn’t understand that coaching is different from being a personal chef – I’m a professionally trained chef and ran a very successful personal chef business with no real help – I did all the research, build my webpage, marketing, etc. so spending money for someone else to help me sounds crazy to her.

  2. When I listened to your video last week, I was happy to see that you opened up the conversation with entrepreneurs about how to speak with their spouses or business partners about making an investment in themselves.

    In addition to your rich feedback to entrepreneurs, I would like to invite them to be aware of 3 Mistakes people make when they sit down to have important conversations with their partner:

    (1) One or both partners forget to insure that it is a good time for BOTH of them to have this important conversation;

    (2) The Listening Partner does not take the time to be certain s/he is in listening mode (ready to listen with massive curiosity, listen until the Speaking Partner is finished, and listen without judgment or bias); and

    (3) Either one or both partners come to the conversation believing that his or her needs won’t be heard, respected, understood, validated or met.

    I hope this will be helpful when you sit down to let your partner know what you need and want so you can be your BEST and most brilliant passionate Self in the presence of each other!

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