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How to Grow Your Confidence in Business

One of the biggest things that affects your business and your income is your level of self-confidence. You’d think it would be marketing and yes, marketing is massively important, but if you don’t have confidence in your abilities, if you don’t have confidence in your business or in what you’re doing you’re not going to get anywhere in your business.

Why is that? It’s because confidence affects your actions and your actions create your habits and your habits, which are the things that you do day in and day out, create your results in business. Confidence is responsible for how many clients you have, how much you make, etc. All of that is based on your actions. That’s why confidence affects every single aspect of your business. (Click here to tweet this.)

Confidence affects how you close the sale and how often you market. It affects your willingness to do whatever it takes, how you follow up with prospects, how you reach out to potential strategic alliances, how you network, how you speak, all of which determine your number of clients and how much you make in your business. All of this confidence, affects the money that you make in your business.

It’s easy for your confidence to take a hit. I know you know this because you’re maybe experiencing it right now. Each time you don’t close the sale, there’s a little piece of your confidence that gets taken away. When you make a mistake in your business (we all do) who is the harshest critic? You know right? It’s you. I know because I’ve been here too.

Every time you lose a client or you don’t make a deadline or you don’t fill that program it makes you question whether you’re really cut out to do this – being an entrepreneur. It all stems from your level of confidence. If confidence is such an important part of the success of your business, it’s really important that you guard it. Guard your confidence.

Allow me to share two simple things with you that I did, especially in the beginning when things were tough, that allowed me to keep my confidence at a natural level. It kept me persistent. This is not about inflating your confidence to an abnormal level. It’s about bringing your confidence back to a natural level.

1. Read your testimonials on a daily basis. I know it sounds kind of silly, but one of the best ways to get back to a natural level of confidence is to feed your mind with positive validation that you are good at what you do. That inner gremlin, that drunk monkey inside, it’s so quick to tear you down and to make you feel bad and to make you question whether you can actually succeed in your business. Any time something bad happens, that inner gremlin is right there to tear you down.

To counteract that you must counteract it with equal force. All you need to do is read your testimonials or think about all of the positive things that you’ve done for clients or people in your life especially around you business, all the people that you’ve helped along the way. A lot of people look at their life or their business like 98% is going badly and only 2% is going well, but that’s not usually the case.

Usually only 2% is going badly and 98% is going well because you’re making progress and you’re putting one foot in front of the other. Remember, building your business is not a race. It’s pace, not race. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. There is some time in between and that time sometimes makes us question, “Am I good at this?” Instead of focusing on that, focus on what is going well. Focus on what your clients have gotten from you and you’ll have the confidence to keep going.

2. Keep a ‘kind words’ folder. You can do this on the desktop of your computer where you move over some emails from clients who are getting great results or you paste some of the screenshots of a note from a gushing client who left you a note on your facebook wall. You can even create a physical basket and put it on your desk, where you put cards that you’ve received, little notes of encouragement, words from client who said that you’ve changed their lives.

That’s what I do. My team calls it the Good News Basket. I call it my Kind Words Basket. It contains otes from my clients about how I’ve changed their lives, stories along the way, notes that my team prints up for me from emails that have been sent. It’s a big pile of love.

The reason I keep this is because just like anybody else in business, there are going to be days where the going gets tough. And it always will because at each new level there’s a new devil, but you can just feed the positive part of your soul so that you regain you confidence and you keep going.

Remember, you started your business to make a difference in people’s lives for the highest good of all. By feeding your soul with positive validation, it allows you to ignore that drunk monkey and to stay in faith, that you are here to change the quality of peoples’ lives through your business and when you do you’re going to persevere. It’s those people who stay the course and persevere that ultimately win in business. You can do this.

Your The Leveraged Business Assignment

Stay in positive affirmation. Read your testimonials and keep those little notes and read them when the going gets tough. You’ll see a big difference in your self-confidence in no time. Good luck!

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