How to get your clients to stick around for years

Sooooo, we all know that it’s way easier to keep an existing client than to try to sign on a brand new client, than letting them work with you briefly and then having them run off like a thief in the night, right? It’s even better when they stay with you year after year after year.

OK, we all agree, and that’s great. But how do you do this, exactly?

Well, after close to 20 years in business coaching, from in the beginning having most every client leave after just one year (or less) of working with me, to now having countless clients/members of Boldheart Business now in their 5th year, sometimes 6 years-and-counting, of working with me, I can speak from experience. Watch this:

I used to be so, so frustrated when I’d get great results with a client, just to have them then leave and move on to someone else in my industry. I kept thinking, “WHAT?!? Why is this happening? There’s so more for us to do, why aren’t they STAYING!?!”

In business speak, this is called “Client Retention,” and it’s a powerful measure of the health and maturity of a business. No, not every client will stay for years. That’s a given.

But recently, a member of our Leverage Track looked around and noticed the sheer number of our members that have been with us for what seems like a bazillion (happy) years, plus more coming back “home” to us after checking other people out, and she asked me why this happens and how I do it…

I responded, “It’s because what they get here they can’t get anywhere else in the world.”

And then, I shared with her the 4 things that are necessary to keep your clients for years. In this week’s free training video, I’m sharing these 4 steps with you too. They’re quite simple actually.

Like all of what we teach, it requires a combination of strategy AND heart to achieve this goal…

…masculine and feminine. Yin and Yang.

And it takes you stepping into the version of yourself that is willing to LEAD, and willing to LOVE, unconditionally.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend that you get really good at ONE thing, just as I shared with you in the video.

Then, as you grow, you can add more layers to your work, so that there is more for your clients to learn and receive, for years to come.

Of course, one of the biggest differentiators you can create in your business (whether you’re at the early stages of business or you’ve been at it for years) is to treat them impeccably – dare I say love them fiercely, like I love mine fiercely.

So lead…with love…and I promise you, you too will enjoy clients who come for the information and stay for the transformation, community and connection.

Much (fierce) love to you, ;)

P.S. I’d like to know your thoughts on this video. Would you post a comment below after watching it? I’d like to know how this resonates with you, please. :)

P.P.S. And if there’s any way that you’d like help with strategy and clarity around your own business, I would love to invite you to a free strategy session about your business. No strings, just here to help. Here’s my video invitation to take us up on that free strategy call. Go for it. Enjoy! xoxo

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  1. Fabienne, I love this video. For the longest time, as a dancer and private chef, I have believed it is the execution of love that made my audience and guests like my work, and to have it confirmed by you is worth more than just believing, but to put it to work.
    Thank you so much. Made my day. I shall continue loving my art and sharing it with the world.

  2. This piece of advice was what I needed to hear right now, it makes me think on this: “people don’t feel love in their lives” sometimes is because we think nobody understand us, hear us, love us. This is a key clue, because if we feel the same way… in our business, with our family or spouse, well… we will not have enough love inside us to share with our clients.

    So first, we need to be aware of our feelings with what we do, if we’re operating with love, then we can shine our love with everybody around us, this includes our clients.

    -Tatiana :-)

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