How to Get the Most Out of a Live Event

How to Get the Most Out of a Live Event

After just coming back from our big 3-day live event and also having recently returned from an event where I was an attendee, I thought it might be helpful to cover the topic of How to Get the Most out of a Live Event. Now, these strategies aren’t rocket science but sometimes a solid reminder is all we need to make a good event a great one!

1. Attend all sessions. You made the investment of time, travel, and resources to go to the event, so make being in the room at all times an absolute priority. Don’t skip sessions. Reschedule client calls. Be present at all times, open to the material and learning everything being presented to you. I recommend turning off your cell phone (no texts) and not surfing the web on your laptop. Get rid of all those distractions. This is your learning time, honor it with your full attention.

Make sure to always keep learning and attending events. That’s how you grow. (Click here to tweet this.)

2. Make amazing connections. Attending a live event gives you the opportunity to meet other attendees, sometimes from all over the world. Take advantage of meeting new people by networking and creating strategic alliances. Now is not the time to be shy and introverted. Introduce yourself during breaks and schedule lunch dates with other attendees. (Don’t forget your business cards!) Remember, the person sitting next to you at lunch may just be the one who has the answer or the resource you need. That’s how the Universe works!

Watch this week’s video strategy for all 6 of my strategies to ensure you take time off every year. It’s critical for your success.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

What events have you wanted to attend to further your business growth and personal growth. Find out when they’re happening and invest in yourself by registering. Then, use today’s strategies for getting the most of the event and you’ll start really getting a return on your investment.

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