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How to get past not FEELING like doing it

In today’s new inspiration video I am sharing with you what has helped me (and others I’ve worked with) work through resistance when it comes to doing something you don’t feel like doing.

I’ve been teaching women business owners for more than 20 years – tens of thousands of women business owners – how to get to 10K a month, 100K a month, and inevitably we have to talk about marketing. A lot more marketing than they’re used to. 

Sometimes they say, “How much marketing should I do each month?” 

And I say to them, “What do you mean each month? You mean each day?” 

And they say, “Oh, each day???” 

And I say, “Yeah, let’s start with four hours of marketing a day,” and you should see their eyes. 

You can see the whites of their eyes and they’re like, “Four hours a day!? I don’t even do four hours a week, let alone four hours a month! You know, I don’t really want to do marketing, I just want clients to come to me.” 

Everybody ‘doesn’t want to do’ marketing.

If this sounds familiar, watch today’s video to help you take action on the things that will ultimately get you exactly where you want to be in your business:

I’ve been doing marketing, producing content prolifically, for years. I always say, “If I have a baby on a certain day, that email is going to still go out the following day.” Because that’s what I’ve committed to. 

What I want you to get is, this feeling of “I don’t feel like doing it” really doesn’t matter. 

I know how rude that can sound. I don’t mean it to sound rude. 

It is your job to market. 

There is an incongruence here because you may think that your job is to provide the service or the product that you are selling, but that is not actually as much your job as it is to market what you do

And this is where people are like, “No, I don’t want to be a marketer.”

But you have to be a marketer to be in business, it is your job, it comes with the territory, unless you’re independently wealthy and you have 50 years in front of you to wait for people to come and find you. 

Most of us need to market to get clients. Why? Because sometimes in a distracted world, people can’t find out about you. 

It’s actually not your prospect’s job to find you, it is your job to be visible enough so they can’t help but see you here, there, and everywhere. 

And so when – and it’s the same thing I say to my children when they say, “I don’t feel like reading, I don’t feel like doing this homework, I don’t feel like doing that…” 

I say, “You get to read. You get to have homework to do. You get to be educated, you get to know how to read. There are millions of children in the world who don’t know how to read, who don’t have access to a teacher and excellent education, who don’t have access to a computer.” 

And, in the moment, the children begin to realize, “Okay yeah, I get to learn, it’s part of my job.” 

It’s the same thing with you. 

You get to have a business. 
You get to make your own money.
You get to let people know that you exist.
You get to put content out there even if you don’t feel like it.
You get to be visible.

There are so many women on this planet. They are not visible, in fact they are invisible, they don’t make their own money, they don’t have the opportunities that you and I have, and they don’t even know what to do to get the word out there to the world. 

We get to do this. 

If you can just shift your self-image from being somebody who just wants to do her little work to somebody who is a marketer who happens to do this service or create that product…

…when this becomes an identity for you, it’s “I get to market. I get to do videos every single week. I get to step on that stage. I get to have a computer to write articles to add value to people”…

…it changes you on a cellular level. 

And then, when it’s time to show up and do the thing you don’t really feel like doing, you don’t say, “I don’t feel like it.” You just say “I get to do this. I get to serve. I get to be prolific. I get to be up there for people to find me.” 

When you shift this, my sweet friend, everything shifts. There’s no more struggle, there’s no more resistance. You’re like, “Alright, four hours a day? Let’s go!”

So that’s our new identity of being a grateful, prolific marketer, and it’s going to change everything for you.

Lots of love. xo

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