How to get more time in your day

How to get more time in your day

I hope you had a productive week. It’s really boggling my mind that we’ve already reached the end of January. Which means…

…that we have 11 months left to accomplish amazing things.

Dare I say BOLD accomplishments.

So, speaking of the fleeting nature of our days, weeks and months, let’s have an important conversation today about time.

Needless to say, and you already know this, it is your most precious resource, because when properly directed toward your intentions and goals, time (well spent) pays the highest dividends when it comes to creating the life and results you want.

Note: the emphasis there was on the “well spent.”

Time is your most powerful ally, but it is also the easiest resource to squander. We spend it putting out fires, or on inconsequential tasks that do very little toward manifesting our goals.

(Hello, mindless trolling on Facebook and Instagram.) ;)

The first step to using your time more wisely is to get really honest with yourself about what you’re really, actually doing with the time you do have in your day.

Just notice, without judgement but still being a hard grader, how you’re spending/wasting your time.

Conversely, when are you most productive? What are your greatest ROI activities?

In an upcoming email, I’ll teach you about how to use the Pareto Principle and apply it to what we call your EGAs… (I’ll keep you guessing on what that means for now.)

But for today, I invite you to simply get clear on where your time is (really) going. Grab a cup of something hot and do it now, by writing in a journal or even on a random scrap of paper.

What are your biggest time wasters?
Where are there leaks in your time bucket?
What are your chronic distractions that dilute your focus?
Who steals your time from you, unapologetically?
What (or who) have you committed to that you wish you could change your mind about?

(Ahem, this could even mean driving the kids to, well, everywhere, when you could be doing something else more “productive.” Sorry, I’m a mom too, but “chauffeur-ing” is not my favorite.)

Don’t just think about it. Write it down NOW.

Then do this:

1) Figure out how many hours you spend/waste on each of these tasks, per week (write this number next to each item you previously listed in your journal).
2) Now, add all of these hours to get clear on how many hours that is per week.
3) Next, multiply that number by 52 (for 52 weeks per year).

That final number represents the hours you would gain back each year if you stopped doing these things. Think about it – you COULD use all these hours for much, much more fulfilling and productive things. Just doing THIS could simply change your life.

We’ll talk more about it another time, but for now, just work on this, OK?

Because time is, indeed, the one thing you can’t get back.

Much love,

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