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How to get more done

When you get to a certain point in your business where there’s just not enough “you” to go around and there’s not enough time to get it all done, you must start delegating. But delegation means you need to relinquish control of actually doing everything all by yourself. This is often a big struggle for entrepreneurs as they grow their business and hire people to support and assist them in running the business. However, to ensure you can continue to grow your business and serve more people, you need to learn how to let go control and start to delegate effectively.

Let’s face it… we ALL have an ICF (Inner Control Freak) who wants things done the “right” way. I understand! I have one too. And let’s be honest, your Inner Control Freak is very necessary in the beginning when you start your business. But it also gets in the way at some point.

Now, I’m not saying you should practice “Drive By Delegation” either. That’s when you just toss a project or responsibility to one of your team members without much direction or involvement at all. You toss it and run, hoping it gets done right but instead it causes chaos, causes resentment and will make you not want to delegate at all anymore.

So where’s the balance between the two? Effective delegation strikes a balance in the middle of these two extremes. It requires documenting everything you do so when you’re ready to delegate, it’s much easier to hand things over to someone else. Then, put in place training and procedures. Taking the time to train someone will allow you to demonstrate exactly how you want things done. Procedures can involve checklists or an operations manual – a written system that can be followed each and every time. Lastly, incorporate checks and balances so you can see how things are going as they’re getting done, creating opportunity for feedback and reassurance.

Your Video Assignment

To start delegating effectively in your own business today, answer these three questions:

  1. What needs to be delegated right now in your business? What’s creating a bottleneck? Identify everything and create a list.
  2. How can you document the steps that it takes to do each item? Write out the procedures. Be specific and as detailed as possible.
  3. How will you set checks and balances in this process so you know how everything is being handled? Having checks and balances benefits both you and your team.

That’s it! Now you’re no longer the bottleneck but instead your getting the results you want. Start today to get more done – without actually doing everything yourself.


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