How To Get Clear On What Your Clients Need Most

You’ve got to get clear on your clients’ biggest issues. Why? Very simple—the more you know what your ideal clients are struggling with, the more you can position yourself as their problem solver.

Talking about your process or your results is really good when it comes to marketing but results are based on your clients’ biggest issues and struggles. I find that too many entrepreneurs skip over the fact-finding mission that is required to get to know exactly who your ideal client is, but especially what they struggle with the most.

So what I would like for you to work on this week is really getting to the core of what your ideal clients’ biggest problems are. What are they struggling with? What are the biggest obstacles in their way? What is keeping them from where they want to be?

When you know that, you can position yourself as the problem solver. You can create the solutions that they need the most and you can deliver the results that they’re waking up in the middle of the night wanting to find.

So the questions I have for you today are what are your clients’ biggest problems and obstacles? What are they most frustrated by? What is that one thing that they most want to figure out? And what would they ‘do anything’ and ‘pay anything’ to get? What is it that they would love to have in their life that they don’t have now?

You see, when you get clear on their biggest issues and what they want to work on the most—what they would do anything and pay anything to have—you are positioned in a way that makes them say, “My gosh, you’re exactly what I need. I’ve got to start working with you right away.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in your business or ramping it up or looking to get more leverage because you already have a full practice. It’s time for you to get clearer on what your clients need so that you can clearly position yourself as the only one that they should be working with.

Your Video Assignment

Get clear on your clients’ issues. Drill down even deeper and don’t try to apply this in a way that appeals to too many people. We’re only talking about the person who is your ideal client. Do some fact finding. Think back to all your best clients and really look at the common denominators around what their biggest issues, obstacles and hot buttons are and focus on that in your marketing. Start weaving it into everything that you do and you will attract more clients, you will sell more products and you will build your list so much faster, which equals making more money in your business.

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