How to Focus

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I’m often asked, “Fabienne, how are you able to produce so much?” Well, there’s no “secret sauce” or “ninja formula”. It’s really quite simple and can be summed up in three little words: Do The Work. However, here is one little known secret that most entrepreneurs tend to overlook: it’s that you must avoid distractions and limit interruptions. My video strategy and assignment for this week will show you just how to do that, so you can be way more productive, and see better results.

You can’t let others get in the way of you implementing whatever it is that you’re working on. For each interruption, it takes 10 – 15 minutes to get back to where you were before you were interrupted. That’s a lot of wasted time. Add to that all of the daily distractions we’re faced with – texting, chat, Facebook, Twitter, phones. It’s a wonder we have time to get anything done at all!

So here’s what you must do. Educate those around you – your friends, your staff, and virtual assistants. Let it be known that for certain hours during the workday (you choose), you cannot be interrupted. Then turn off all the other distractions. That’s right – TURN THEM OFF. Lastly, work on one thing and one thing only until completion.

Your Video Assignment

List five ways that you will manage the constant communication influx you experience on any given day. Who will you tell about your No-Interruption time? What will you turn off? Then commit to sticking to it.

My guess is you’ll be amazed at the massive productivity you can achieve by doing this and your ability to get it all done. It works for me – and it will for you too!

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