How to fire toxic clients

You know that client you have?

The one who elicits a feeling of dread in your stomach every time you see their name on your calendar?

Who texts you at all hours and is seemingly never pleased with the outcomes of your work together?

Today, my friend, we talk about firing that person. I am going to make the very strong case that he or she isn’t worth it…and that your toxic client is actually sabotaging your growth.

So here’s this week’s inspiration video to learn how to identify these saboteurs and how to release them to then allow more abundance to come into your business! Watch this:

They are costing you money. But more importantly…they are robbing you of energy and life force.

It’s natural that in the early stages of growing our business we say “yes” to working with anyone who has a pulse. ;)

But I want you to consider the actual costs of continuing to work with non-ideal clients. When you have a deep understanding of what a “right-fit” client looks like – and just as importantly, what a “wrong-fit” client looks like – you’ll save yourself and your business from so much struggle.

If you want a business that is thriving, take the brave step of letting go of what (and who) isn’t working. Yes, even when it’s a client.

This can be done with compassion and elegance (I give you the exact words to say in the video).

You deserve better,

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