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How to finish what you start (when you love starting)

Let’s face it, entrepreneurs like you and me love to start new things. 

The thrill of a fresh project is exhilarating, isn’t it? We dive in with passion, ready to conquer the world. But then, another shiny new idea comes along, and another, and another. 

And with the addition of each new project we begin, we delay the completion of all of the projects. Before we know it, we’re juggling multiple projects, and none of them are getting the attention they deserve. 

Sound familiar?

As I’m fond of saying, you don’t get results from things you don’t fully implement or finish. Understanding that this is our nature as entrepreneurs and how we’re brilliantly wired, we must ask ourselves: how do we finish what we start?

Watch this video to learn about the accountability that’s necessary in finishing projects:

Structure for accountability

In my own life and through working with tens of thousands of women to help them grow their businesses exponentially, I’ve discovered that we need structure for our entrepreneurial nature. 

I know structure might seem counterintuitive to our free-spirited ways, but it really is a game-changer, and an essential aspect in holding us to our tasks so we can reach our goals. 

And structure can look different for each and every one of us. For me, structure is a combination of tools and support systems.

  • A project management tool to keep track of tasks.
  • A project manager to keep things on schedule.
  • An accountability buddy to check in and work closely with someone to keep the momentum going.

But I have to tell you, one of the best things that ever worked in my business was belonging to a mastermind group. 

Mastermind groups as motivation

When we’re by ourselves at our desks with our own deadlines, it’s so easy to push things back. “I’ll get to it tomorrow,” we say, and tomorrow becomes next week, then next month. 

Next thing you know, you have a pile of tasks and unfinished projects that you were so excited about, that never came to fruition because you didn’t follow through on them.

When there’s no one to check in on us, no external pressure to keep us on track, it’s so easy to push things to the side.

But when we belong to a group of other entrepreneurs with big dreams just like ours, there’s this incredible energy that comes from being part of something bigger. We’re all sprinting together to reach our goals, and that collective drive is powerful in inspiring you to finish what you start to reach your goals.

The sense of community, the shared wisdom, and the collective push to meet our goals were transformative in my willingness to finish projects and reach my goals in my business.

Inspiration to finish what you start

“Not only are you surrounded by people who have this collective wisdom that you wouldn’t have found on your own, but you have this entrepreneurial family who helps you get structure for your entrepreneurial nature.” 

I want you to ask yourself, do you often feel isolated? Do you catch yourself saying, “Ah, forget this deadline,” and procrastinating because no one is holding you accountable? 

Do you feel alone, maybe even a bit lonely in your entrepreneurial journey? Do you wish you had a bunch of people who get you and would encourage you to push harder, dream bigger, and achieve more?

These are all things that a mastermind helps you with. It’s not just about achieving your goals; it’s about doing so with a support system that understands and uplifts you. 

It’s like having an entrepreneurial family who’s always got your back, encouraging you to finish what you start and do so with excellence.

When you have structure, you’re no longer drifting aimlessly from one project to the next. You have a clear path, defined steps, and the motivation to keep moving forward. And the structure doesn’t stifle your creativity; it enhances it by providing the discipline needed to bring your visions to life.

So, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on what type of structure would lovingly push and motivate you to finish what you start.  Is it time to join a mastermind group, find an accountability buddy, or maybe invest in a project management tool?

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with us. This desire to start new things is part of our entrepreneurial spirit. But to truly thrive, we need to balance that excitement with the discipline to see things through.

By leveraging the right support and tools, you can transform those brilliant ideas into completed projects that drive real results for your business. And trust me, the sense of accomplishment and growth that comes from finishing what you start is absolutely worth it.

Here’s to structuring our entrepreneurial nature and achieving greatness together.

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