How to demonstrate value that pull clients in

I want my clients to find new business easily. One way to make this happen is to create marketing materials that literally pull clients in. Materials done the right way engage prospects and get them ready and willing to work with you NOW!

This week I’ll be sharing my formula for marketing materials that work. Let’s start with your content.

High Content, High Value

Your materials cannot be all about your pitch. Too many people pitch all day long, but what they miss out on is providing value. You must offer value beyond what others are doing because that’s what makes you stand out.

Free…free…free…FEE…free…free…FEE… free – this is the remarkable blueprint that demonstrates the value you provide. The impression you make is, “If her FREE stuff is that good, I bet her PAID stuff must be great!”

Deliver huge value in everything you do, especially in anything providing a “first impression”.

Some examples include:

  • Irresistible Free Offer (CD, Report, etc.)
  • Free talk
  • Free teleclass
  • Articles
  • Videos

Some people wonder, if you are giving so much away free, how can you avoid giving away the farm? Let me show you how.

You give them the ‘what they want and the why’. You even give them a little bit of the ‘how’, but not ‘exactly how’. This leaves them hungry and ready, wanting more! It’s the best way to “Crush ‘em with value” which is a powerful strategy for easily pulling clients in with superb marketing materials.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

List 10 high-value products you can create to wow new prospects right away. Then pick which one you can start on immediately and get going.

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