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How to delegate work to get back exactly what you want

Delegate work so as to free herself for more important tasks.” That’s the dictionary definition. And today I’d like to dive into delegation. Let’s face it, many of us didn’t get a manual for when starting our businesses on how or what to delegate.

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t attend an entrepreneurial school, and mastering the art of delegation was a journey filled with trial and error. 

Maybe you’ve done a bit of what I like to call “drive-by delegating” yourself – tossing a project at someone, saying, “I want it done yesterday,” and expecting it to align perfectly with your vision. 

I’ll admit, I’ve done this so many times. And I’ve learned some things about the art of delegation along the way that I’d like to share with you.

Watch this video to learn more about how to delegate work to get back exactly what you want:

Delegate Work 101:

So, what’s the right way to delegate work? How do you do it in order to actually get back exactly what you want? 

“It’s about taking the delegation hat off for a second and really being strategic. So you put your strategic coach hat on and you ask yourself, ‘What do I want this to look like specifically?’”

I’d like you to put your strategic coach hat on and ask yourself these questions.

  • What is it that I want the outcome to be?
  • What are the success criteria for it to be done exactly the way I want it to?
  • Do I have any examples either from my past work or other people’s work that I could say, “See, I like it like this, but I want it to have these elements”?
  • Can I give them more direction?
  • Can I be more realistic about the timeline?

And you clearly communicate this desired outcome to your team member. Being crystal clear with your expectations and drawing out your preferences is key to getting the tasks done exactly how you envision.

You and I, we’re both likely really quick start people, impulsive perhaps, in some ways. We want everything done last week, right? 

But let’s be honest, that’s not how our team members think. They often have their own plates full and might need help prioritizing.

So, keep this in mind when it comes to strategizing these tasks. When you put on your strategic cap and are delegating, how can you set your team member up to be absolutely successful in creating the work for you? 

Setting the Stage for Success:

In doing this, you don’t just delegate work; you set your team up for success. It’s about being mindful of their workload, providing direction, and ensuring they have everything they need to create exceptional work for you. Remember hiring right is so important too, that’s why intrapreneurship is the key to exponential growth.

And then once you’ve strategized, you can switch back your hats, from strategic thinker to delegator. This is where you guide your team to achieve the results they want to deliver for you.

This is not just about getting the job done; it’s about fostering an environment where your team can thrive and exceed your expectations.

Remember, there’s a unique rhythm to every successful delegation. It’s about understanding your team’s strengths, working collaboratively, and ensuring everyone is on the same beat.

When navigating these roles, I want you to remember that there’s nothing wrong with you and your journey. 

The challenges you face in knowing what and how to delegate work are normal, and guess what? You can overcome them by doing less, but doing it better.

Leverage really is the solution. It’s what we live by here at Boldheart.

I’m so looking forward to you doing better in your business, by doing less.

To your strategic success, 

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