How to deal with fear

We all face fears. Everyone.

In fact, they never go away. (Sorry, but it’s the truth.)

Something I’m teaching our students of my Business School today is that at every new level, there’s a new devil.

Every time you go for something bigger, in business or in life, you will experience a certain level of fear.

Expect it.

But what do you do with that fear? Today’s new 4-minute video will show you what to do when you experience fear so you get out of it.

I think you’ll really like the simple process that’s required to move out of fear. It’s so simple, but few people actually do it.

Only those who are truly successful do.

In fact, it’s because they do this that they become successful.

Um, coincidence? No, it’s a mind-set. 😉

At the end of today’s new video, I give you two short questions to answer. Will you answer them in the comments?

I’d love to connect with you there.

Thanks for reading this today and walking this entrepreneurial path with me. I’m here for you, with love.

Big squeezey hugs,

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26 Responses

  1. Overcoming fears, no matter how small, needs practice, so start now! My current fear is the fear of success. Silly how that sounds, but who wants to fail? But, I know that I am to be successful. I have had too many friends offer their expertise for my benefit. Let’s go for it, together!

  2. The best way to deal with fear on stage is; Preparation, preparation preparation. As far as fear of life; start living it! No one controls your destiny but YOU. give to God and others and put yourself out there!!!

  3. I tend to hold back on aggressive marketing, and then fear I cannot provide for my family. Aggressive marketing would clearly provide business, yet I stop pushing ahead every time!! I literally frustrate myself. BUT, I’ll be in Atlanta next Tues for your tour stop there! I cannot wait!

  4. You nailed it – for me, it’s not so much fear of failure as fear of JUDGEMENT. I’ve been reasonably successful, when I could push through that fear. I just have to keep reminding myself -as you said – all the “stuff” you want is right on the other side, and it’s actually MORE stressful and more work when the worry is in control.

  5. Fear of failure which I am facing right now since I am not meeting my financial goals and I am in debt.

  6. Fear of over-whelm! Not sure why I would ever feel this way because I have been extremely successful working for major corporations and putting my all into those businesses. I’m taking another shot at walking into MY destiny; creating the life that is meant for me. Watching your video has motivated me to dismiss my fears and become “fabulously fearLESS!” Thanks Fabienne 🙂

  7. 1) Fear that the people I help will drain me 2) Fear that the people I help will try to keep me from moving forward in life j and will want me to stay in their misery with them when they see just how awesome it is to have me on their team.
    But God has shown me over and over again that the people I am truly here to serve will not drain me; we both enjoy being in each other’s company. Furthermore, when it is time for me to move on, they won’t try to hold me back; they support me. At times, I’ve empowered them to stand on their own without realizing I was doing it.
    The more I step into helping others just for the sake of doing what I’m called to do in life and help others advance, the more love I feel and observe in my life. The opportunities to be of service that I’d written off before because of those fears show up now as an honor to serve.

  8. I have recently become a single mother (not by choice) and it is terrifying to think I’m ALL ALONE, have no bank account to speak of and currently am working 3 jobs and still might not have enough at the end of the month. I am where you were back when you layed in bed wondering how you were going to pay your rent. I want to be a manager of ANY business but have never really “held” that position so starting at entry level may or may not be easy. However, listening to this video has helped me so much to know most importantly that I AM NOT ALONE ….that all people go through this stuff and that I’m not strange or different for having these fears in the face of mamoth change! I love you Fabienne and I appreciate everything you do and say. You give so freely and it is contageous and amazing. Not to mention you are incredibly beautiful. I am so thankful that you walked through your fears back then and got up out of bed and dried your tears and dusted yourself off. Thanks so much for doing that and allowing all this AWESOMENESS pour in and through you to others. It’s perfect and I use it often. I want to come see you in CT but truth is I don’t have enough gas money. LOL…..imagine that. Someday we will meet and you will see it in my eyes how I adore you and how you help me. Thanks friend! This video was awesome!

  9. For me it would be fear of change and fear of rejection. It immobilizes me to no end! I am about to make a change now, and I am dragging my feet.

  10. Fear of rejection and fear of failure. I love what you said about the fear being worse than the process or what you actually need to do. False Evidence Appearing Real!

  11. I’ve had many fears around this. One of my biggest – the fear of success. What if I do whatever I can – and it actually works! What would my life look like? What kind of responsibility would I have to all those people reading my work and/or working with me? What if I don’t know enough and people see me as a fraud or question my qualifications? What if I’m successful in this area and G-d forbid it has a negative impact on another very important part of my life? What if I start making a lot of money? How would I handle that?

    As you see, a lot of fears that have led me to make a lot of excuses that leave me feeling small and like I’m not living the purpose I was meant to live.

    Time for a positive change :-).

    1. My biggest fear is that I will not be able to finish the project that I am planning to do. There are so many interruptions and other emergencies coming up that my good intensions get sidetracked by new issues.

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