How to Create Programs

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I know this title sounds painfully obvious…but if you’re looking to fill a program or service more clients or sell more products, you’ve got to stop modeling what others are doing and instead take a close look at the offerings you’re creating and whether they are a true reflection of what your ideal clients want and need.

Let’s use my Client Attraction Winners Academy as an example – once I started changing my focus from trying to cram people into my existing programs and instead started considering what they actually needed most – the right curriculum, the right support, daily accountability at an affordable investments – I no longer had to sell the program. Instead clients naturally started showing up.

Your Video Assignment

This is exactly what I teach my clients and students. You’ve got to start delivering just what your ideal client needs. Your assignment today involves looking at what needs to change. Ask yourself:

    1. If you were to focus on who your ideal clients are, what their issues tend to be, and what they need most right now – how would you change your existing programs so that they would bring better results and a better return on investment?


  1. How could you change what you offer? How could you change how your price or deliver your programs?

The goal is to get your prospects to self- select, and to know your program is exactly what they need. This has been monumental in my own business and in my students’ businesses as well. If it works for all of us, I think it may work for you too!

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