How to Create Content to Build Your List

Today’s video is about how to create great, free content in order to build your list., Last week we talked about how you can have all of the best products and services in the world, but if you have no one to offer them to or no one to sell them to they won’t sell very quickly.  When you have an email list (also called an ezine list) of several hundred and preferably, several thousands of people who are eager to hear from you, you now have people who will buy your products and services immediately and over time.

Now, that you’ve figure out which irresistible, free offer you will use to build your ezine list quickly and consistently it’s time to create great content for your IFO, your irresistible free offer.  Remember, you must offer massive value if you want to build trust, but you also don’t want to give away the entire farm. (Click here to tweet this.)

Here’s a tip.  The difference between giving away good value and not giving away too much is to give them the steps or give them good information, but to obviously not tell them exactly how to do everything.  Don’t give the exactly how.  Give them the what.  Give them the why it’s important, but not the exactly how.

I recommend three different types of content for your irresistible offer.

1. Walk them through all of the steps of your proprietary system.  If you’re a student of mine you know what the proprietary system is.  It’s a series of steps that you use to get your clients results.

My proprietary system is called the Client Attraction System. It’s got 10 steps and it starts with figuring out who your ideal client is and create a compelling message and compelling marketing materials, etc.  If you go to you can read all of the steps there.

2. Give them your compelling story, which means tell them about how you got to do what you’re doing. Then give them some tips as to how you got from your ‘before’ to your ‘after’, in your before and after story.  People find that very, very compelling, especially if you supplement with lots of tips.

3. Do an interview.  You can actually give someone a set of questions that they ask you and that you respond to and you can record those.  This is what I have in my free CD.  It’s a series of 10 questions that I gave to a former radio personality.  He called in from his line and I called in from mine and recorded the entire hour.  It’s super high value, super high content and it’s great for people. It was an easy, one-hour thing for me to do.

Whichever you choose of the three, the idea is that the topic must be something that your ideal client would love to get their hands on.  As you may know mine is How to Attract All the Clients You Need.  This is something that’s appealing to the people who will eventually become my clients.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Your assignment for this week is to come up with a topic that your ideal clients would say yes to.  Remember, the topic is one of the most important things.  They don’t know what your content will be yet, but they will want to sign up for that topic.

Then, once you’ve selected your topic that they would say yes to, choose from talking about your proprietary system, telling your story and giving some tips, or content based on a Q&A style interview.  The key is at the end of any type of IFO that you have give them an offer for deeper learning or give them a call to action to work with you. If you do this, just like I’ve shared with you, you will quickly build your list, get more clients and make more money.  Enjoy!

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