How to Create an Entry Level Offer

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Today’s topic is about entry-level offers. See, in your business I believe that you should have more than one offer, whether it’s a product or a service that you sell. For many years I offered just one program and it was take it or leave it. That’s just what people did. They either took it or they left it. The problem was, not enough of them took it in the beginning for me to feel like I was really making the kind of money I wanted to make in my business. So, I decided to create a series of yeses.

Instead of having just one price point, I usually offer three programs. If you are my ideal client, you’ll fit in to one of the three. That’s a great way to do it, but there are also some people who say, “Okay, but what if my lowest program is so accessible that it cannibalizes, meaning it eats into the other two programs?” Well, there are couple of things you can do about that. (Click here to tweet this.)

First, make your biggest program the juiciest one. This means that it has the most bells and whistles and is the best value. I’m not saying the lowest price point, but the best value overall.

Next, have your entry-level program be a one-time thing that people feel they can afford. Once they take you up on it and have their session, you let them know that if they decide to go into one of your other programs, the fee they paid for your entry-level program will be applied to your higher-level program.

This allows them to experience you in your service, so they know that you are trustworthy. They know that they like working with you if they’ve gotten results and they want more. They feel good about you.

They’ll also experience what’s called ‘money burning a hole in their pocket.’ When you have a gift certificate or when you have this opportunity to take $200 or $400 or whatever amount and apply it to something else it really makes you want to do that.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Look at how you could do this in your own business. Look to see how you can expand your current offerings so you have more than one product or service to offer. Then decide how you’ll charge clients for a taste of what you do and then allow them to apply their investment toward a higher-level program if they’d like to continue working with you. Good luck!

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