How to Create a Problem Free Zone in Your Business

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Today I want to talk to you about multiplying your business and really leveraging yourself by creating a problem-free zone in your business.  Now, you might be wondering, “How do I multiply my business and make more money by creating a problem-free zone?  What is that about?”  Well, I want you to imagine that every time there is a problem in your business, every time something falls through the cracks, that becomes a fire that you have to put out.  The more fires you have to put out in your business the more problems need to be attended to, the more distraction it creates for you, the business owner.  Those distractions pull you away from the money-generating activities that you need to be focused on, right?  The key is how do you prevent things from falling through the cracks?  How do you prevent distractions and how do you prevent the fires before they even start?

You do this by creating systems and processes for everything that you do in your business because when everything is systemized, when everything is documented, when everything has a process fewer things fall through the cracks.  That means you can be at the business of generating more money by doing more marketing, by creating more programs, by working with more clients instead of tending to details.

Let’s talk about processes for a second and creating a problem-free zone.  Processes mean that whenever something is done in your business it’s done the exact same way every time and the process is documented so that whether you’re doing it or somebody else it is always done in the exact same way.

I want you to think about the things that happens in your business, whether it’s a new client acquisition or perhaps it’s the way that you run a particular event or the way that you close the sale and what happens after that.  You want to look at what is every single, little thing that needs to happen for it to be a reliable result. We’re looking for reliable processes that equal reliable results.

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I would like for you to think about one aspect of your business right now and map out a detailed process for everything that needs to happen for that to happen successfully.  For us, let’s consider our Platinum Mastermind, where we teach people who are already successful in their business making $75,000 or more, to multiply that through leverage.  We have a very particular way that we run our four times a year live events.

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