How to create a compelling name for your proprietary system

Once you work out the details of designing your proprietary system, it’s time to give it a compelling name. Your choice of names really matters because it will be the foundation for your brand and when done well, everything else will stem from that name.

For example, my program as you know is called “The Client Attraction System”.  My website is My program names build on the Client Attraction brand. For example, the Client Attraction Inner Circle and the Client Attraction Get More Clients Workshop.

You want to come up with a name that spells out exactly what you offer. Highlight the different aspects of what you do to cover all the bases. Then come up with the biggest benefit to this work. Ask yourself, what is the end benefit of that? Make sure you get to the true end benefit, the big one everybody wants. This is how you know it will be compelling.

Finish off your name creation by selecting a system word that fits what you do. Pick from this list of potential system names:

  • System
  • Method
  • Process
  • Technique
  • Way
  • Practice
  • Course
  • Plan
  • Program
  • Blueprint
  • Formula

Next, narrow down the list to the top benefits, descriptors and system names. Put each word on a separate sticky note and post them on your wall. Then you can easily mix and match to come up with loads of combinations. Write them down too. Later, you can come back to the exercise and cull down the list of names for your proprietary system. Select your five top picks.

I recommend sitting with them for a couple of days to see what stays with you and what doesn’t work. You might get some feedback from colleagues or other trusted business friends with whom you have a strong relationship. Then make your final decision and you will have a compelling name for your program!

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Put this exercise to use to formulate your proprietary system name. Once you’ve gone through the steps, brainstorm program extensions to see how your choice of names works for you. If it has flexibility to work in several different ways, you’ve got a keeper.

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