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How to build a team of people who do their best work for you

Let’s talk about how to build a team of people who won’t only do their best work for you, but will also stay with you for years. 

Perhaps in the beginning, like me, you put together a team of people, told them what to do, and crossed your fingers hoping they’d do a good job. 

But here’s the thing – there comes a point in your business where you want to be super strategic and have everybody on your team in their unique brilliance activities, or their zone of genius. 

You want to build a team where each member is not just doing their job, but thriving in their zone of genius. 

This is something that’s really going to change the game for your business, help you achieve goals like never before, and keep your team happy and working with you for the long haul.

Watch this video to learn how to build a team who do their best work:

Curating Your Team’s Perfect Skill Sets

Here’s the way I’ve discovered to do that and to keep people for years on my team, always improving – and never wanting to leave. 

At least once a year, I sit down with each team member and take a deep dive into their experience and mindset towards working at Boldheart. 

We take time to talk about the tasks that light them up, the ones they’re so passionate about that they excel in effortlessly. 

And, conversely, we talk about the activities that don’t bring them much joy. The ones they don’t really love to do, that don’t bring too much to the business, the ones that, if given the chance, that they’d happily skip out on doing.

And every year, with every team member, we remove those things they’re not good at, that they don’t like to do, that don’t align with their brilliance – so we can double down on what they love. 

The result? A team of uniquely brilliant individuals, doing what they adore, and contributing in ways that light them up and fulfill them.

Build A Team Of Unique Brilliance

“They feel really happy, they feel celebrated, and they also feel that they have a certain level of autonomy and they’re making a difference in your business.”

Now, you might be wondering, “Why does this matter?” 

Here’s the thing – when your team feels genuinely happy, appreciated, and empowered to make a difference, they become your biggest asset. They’re not just clocking in; they’re investing their passion into your business.

Doesn’t that sound like a team you want to be a part of?

What ends up happening is that you’re creating a team of uniquely brilliant people working on things they love and never want to stop doing. 

Imagine a workplace where everyone is playing to their strengths, where autonomy and contribution go hand in hand. That’s the kind of environment where people don’t just stick around; they thrive and grow alongside your business.

When you have people like that doing good work, feeling appreciated, doing things that they’re passionate about, and making a difference, they never want to leave.

Trust me, the magic happens when you align your team’s passions with their responsibilities.

Making the Shift

So, here’s the call to action I’m giving you: take a moment to assess your team dynamics. 

  • Are your team members working in their zone of genius, or is there room for some reshuffling? 
  • Have you taken the time to hear about what each of them really enjoy doing, and what they could do without? (If their heart isn’t in the task, they’re not going to do it as well as someone whose heart is).
  • Are there tasks in your business that aren’t bringing that much growth, that could maybe be scrapped? Or, are there ways they could be changed around to be made more efficient and enjoyable?

These few changes are small, but make such a big difference.

When your team feels appreciated, valued, and like they’re living their life purpose through their work, they’re going to want nothing other than to stay working for your business for years to come.

And get this – the longer your team stays with you, the stronger they become in their skills, and the more you can learn and grow as a powerhouse.

Think about how powerful that could be. How many more goals you could achieve in your business when you build a team of people who are thriving and doing their best work..

Championing you and your growth,

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