How to break the pattern of over-giving

Your heart is soooo big and you love to come from a place of service, wanting your clients and customers to have the best experience possible

In this week’s new video, though, you’ll learn that putting their needs first, before your own, is crushing your spirit and profitability. And that’s not OK with me. (hug)

Today, I explain the important difference between service and servitude, and how the latter might be holding you back (big time) in your business. Watch this:

You see, in the world of business, there’s a saying that goes, “The customer is always right”.

Well, the answer is yes, and also, not always.

Here’s why: when you put every customer request before your own needs, you slip into “servitude”, and that’s not healthy for you OR your business.

Sometimes you don’t put your needs first.

Instead, you go and take care of everybody else’s needs.

Perhaps you accept phone calls from your clients on your cell phone at 10:00 PM. Maybe they expect you to respond to them on a Sunday when you’re with your family and they’ll call you again and again just to get the answer that they seek…

…but that’s not serving you.

I look at everything in life (and business) through the lens of self-worth.

Being in service means to take care of others and do the best that you can.

But there’s a point at which this can cross over into servitude and where people start taking advantage of you and they treat you like a doormat.

This servitude is taking time away from your business because it’s likely that all of those extra requests that your clients are making, they aren’t paying for.

My invitation to you is to look at where you’re in service and where it’s crossed the line into servitude.

Really look closely at where you may have become a slave to toxic clients who take more than you want to give.

(We’re really good at teaching you how to set healthy boundaries here in the program.)

You see, you must have enough self-love and self-worth to set boundaries with your clients so you can use your precious time to successfully grow your business, not just do stuff for your clients and not get paid for it.

It’s time to love yourself enough to say, “No, this is no longer okay.” Or if they’re taking more than they’re paying for, at least they should pay you for it.

If this is something that you struggle with, reach out to us here, sweet friend.

We want to help you become more confident as a business owner, so you take the right actions that will increase your impact and revenues, again and again.

That’s why our members grow their revenues and time off so much each year, because we show them how. And we can show you too.

It’s time.

With love,

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Let’s explore what it would be like to work together. Want to know how it works? I’ve made a video for you…watch my video invitation to talk here and let’s book a time, OK?

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