How to be consistent in your business

In today’s video, we’re talking about how to grow your business by being consistent with your actions.

Consistency in your business is what creates results.
Consistency in your business is what creates trust with customers and clients.
Consistency in your business is what’s scalable.

When something can be counted on, when it is predictable in the best possible way, when you have things that are consistently happening the way that they should…

…that’s how you gain more time, that’s how you can leverage your business to the next level, make more money, reach more people, and more, as I explain in today’s video (watch this):

A woman said to me the other day…

“I don’t understand how you create so much content. You are consistently doing certain things in your business. Are you just a really disciplined person?” 

And I said, “You know, I’m actually not very disciplined.” 

And she said, “That is hard to believe.” 

“I just have the right environments that support me,” I told her. 

You see, consistency happens when you surround yourself with the right environment and the right accountability. 

So, for example, she was wondering, “How do I create so much content?”

I’ve been creating at least one piece of content per week for 20 years. (Actually probably more like three or four pieces of content per week.)

And it’s because I have systems for staying consistent. 

I use alarms and accountability measures.

I create batches of content at a time.

I block areas of my calendar where I can focus on one thing for a longer stretch of time…because it’s hard to do these things in between client appointments. You can’t be consistent that way. 

And so, what I’m trying to convey to you is that, producing in large quantities is really about creating an environment for yourself that allows you to do things consistently

So my invitation for you today is to look at where you’re not being consistent in your business and what’s getting in the way of that?

Start creating an environment that will help you stay consistent. 

That’s when all of your results will start showing up.

And if you know that you need some accountability measures to help you focus, and some ways to create environments that keep you disciplined, if you know that you need support structures to hold you accountable, in the best possible way, we are here for you. Let’s talk. 

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