How to Attract Clients with Social Proof

How to Attract Clients with Social ProofIf you want to attract more clients and customers, and make more money in your business (and who wouldn’t?), you’ve got to make sure that prospects trust you and that they feel comfortable signing up with you.

You see, the biggest obstacle to working with you (although you might think it’s that they don’t have money) is actually that they don’t yet trust that working with you will actually work. If they did, and they knew that the value of working with you would far exceed the monetary value they invest in working with you, they would have hired you already.

Testimonials reassure your prospects that working with you is a good investment. (Click here to tweet this.)

So, it’s your job to impress them with what’s called “social proof”. It’s natural for people to be skeptical. They want to make sure that you’re the real deal. Admit it, you are skeptical too sometimes, as I am. Your prospects want reassurance that they’re not making a mistake if they work with you—that it will work.

Watch this week’s video to learn how attracting clients is much more effortless when you use the power of social proof.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Collect testimonials, case studies, video success stories and anything else where other people are sharing what it’s like to work with you and what results they’ve gotten. Because this proves that (if they do the work) your prospect will get these proven results too.

Put results and testimonials everywhere in your messaging. These will address your prospects objections and valid skepticism, so that, by the time you have a closing of the sale conversation, you too can experiencing as high as a 97% closing rate, as my students do.

Remember, as trust in you and confidence in the value of what you offer rises, fear of buying disappears.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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    1. ROI isn’t directly financial but instead is an essential component to a good marketing practice. A lot would depend on the testimonial and in what context it is used and viewed.

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