How to Attract Clients and Build Your List from Live Events

There is only so much marketing you can do behind your computer. Oftentimes, the best way to connect with your ideal prospects and quickly attract them to you as a paying client is by meeting them face-to-face. One of the best strategies that Fabienne and I teach our clients and students is the importance of “getting out there” and networking at live events—conferences, workshops and seminars.

Networking is one critical way of doing that, as is attending these live events where perhaps dozens, if not hundreds of your ideal clients are there, gathered for you by someone else—either an individual or an organization, and the opportunities for signing on new clients and building your list are endless.

By attending live events you can build your list, create joint ventures and sign on new clients. (Click here to tweet this.)

This is why it’s a “must” that you attend as many live events as possible, not only for your own learning and sharpening the saw, but because you are then surrounded by potential clients and possible strategic alliances.

Watch this week’s video for my three simple strategies on how to use live events to achieve maximum success and results in building your business and attracting more clients.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

How are you showing up at live events? Are you using it as a way to spam other attendees with business cards to drum up business or randomly build your list? Or, are you being strategic and thinking about the three goals I outlined about being client attractive when attending live events, workshops, conferences and more.

I suggest you revisit these three strategies when attending a live event – and I think you’ll agree that you will come across as more client attractive, which will lead to a bigger and more qualified list and some new clients.

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to grow your business, income and impact.

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  1. Derek;
    Thank you for your insightful video. Could you be more specific as to the type of events you are referring? I just went to an event yesterday, but all of the attendees that I met where direct competitors of mine, hence not prospects for me.

    1. Hi Anthony! We’ve always taught that you need to find the events that your prospects are attending. If the events you’ve been at have had mainly competitors, I would do a little research to see if there are other events (maybe not even in your industry) that are attracting your ideal client, and focus your time there. Thanks for your question!

  2. Great video Derek,
    I set a goal next month to get started introducing networking as one of my marketing streams in my business. I’m already preparing myself to be client attractive when I go so I can’t wait.

  3. Great tips, Derek! As always, I feel like you’re speaking directly to me. Can’t wait to put these strategies to work this week at the LIVE Growth Track Meeting!

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