How to Always Have Clients

Today we’re going to talk about how to always have clients—not just clients once in awhile, but to always have clients consistently.

A few years ago someone asked me, “Fabienne, what is the difference between salad and garbage?”  I had never been asked that before.  The only difference between salad and garbage is time.  When you’re looking at a fresh green salad and you don’t eat it right away, in a few days it becomes garbage and unappetizing.  You’ve also heard the idea of striking while the iron is hot—hot leads turn into cold leads if you don’t take action on them right away. (Click here to tweet this.)

In business, timing is everything.  A client of mine always used to say to me, “Fabienne, it’s really difficult for me as a real estate attorney to attract clients because I can never anticipate when they’re going to need me.  It’s not something that they need very often, so how do I know when to market to them?  I don’t know how to market to them.  I don’t know when to market to them.  It’s just all so arbitrary.”

Well, what I said to him is and what I want to say to you as well is with stay in touch marketing vehicles you solve that problem of trying to anticipate when somebody needs you.  The idea is that you always want to be on the radar screen of your prospective clients.  You always want to be top of mind so that when they need you they think of you.

What is an example of a stay in touch marketing vehicle?  Well, it could be your weekly Ezine.  It could be a direct mail campaign.  It could be a quirky postcard campaign.  Really just a way to communicate proactively with your prospects so that you can actually anticipate any current or urgent needs that they may have.  If you are consistently being in touch with them, you are essentially establishing a Know-Like-Trust relationship in advance of the need.

You will be on their radar screen when that need arrives, which means they’ll say, “Hey, you’re exactly what I need.  I can’t believe you’re right there, right under my nose.”  This is when they happily pay you for your services and you don’t have to go chasing any ambulances.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Be consistent with stay in touch marketing vehicles and when you do you will always have plenty of clients because you will have built that relationship and anticipated the need well before they know they need you.

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