How to Align Your Purpose with Your Business

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Today’s topic is about aligning your business with your life purpose. What I see every once in a while is a business owner who has had great results for a while and then begins to lose traction or begins to stay at the same level for a few months or a few years, without continuing to grow. Or perhaps it is a business owner—maybe even you—who has become bored with their business. Maybe you don’t jump out of bed anymore to go and grow it.

When that’s the case, it’s usually a sign that perhaps it’s time to incorporate more of your life purpose into your business. In my own business, a few years ago I found that I’d done well enough, but that everyone else seemed to be growing faster than I was and I felt like I was losing traction. And I also felt like I was losing interest. (Click here to tweet this.)

I didn’t know what was going on until a friend of mine pointed out that I was doing all of these other things in my life. I was doing a lot of personal growth and development. I was doing a lot of work on mindset and learning some of the spiritual/universal principles of attraction and how things work and about getting out of your own way.

After a while, all this new work I was doing started to really create some new results in my life and especially in my business and my income, but I hadn’t shared it with my clients or in my marketing or with my students. It was a dichotomy. I was only showing one portion of what I was doing and not all of it. That is, until this friend said, “You really need to ‘out yourself’. Let people know what you’re really doing.”

So, I did a teleclass that had nothing to do with marketing. It was about how to manifest clients into your life. I talked about personal growth and manifestation and law of attraction and all of that good stuff. The response was crazy. I’d never had a response like that on any of my previous calls. People started coming out of the woodwork to work with me.

The more I started weaving this stuff into my existing business the more clients I got. Then, I started teaching mindset and teaching about how to play a much bigger game and that’s when my revenues shot past the seven-figure mark, have continued to increased since.

I have three passions—marketing, systems and mindset, which has a spiritual component to playing a bigger game and growing your business. When you align your passion with your business, all of a sudden the opportunities, the clients, the money, the meaning and fulfillment all come into your business. I believe that this is why my clients get so many great results.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

I want to see you get really clear about what your passion is in life. What is your life’s purpose? What is it that stirs your soul and that you would do for free all day long and not be resentful for it?

When you figure out what your big “Why”, start weaving it into your existing business. It could be something that you do on the side. As entrepreneurs we have the luxury of being able to marry our business with our passions. I guarantee you the more you do that, the more you are rewarded with the clients and the money and the meaning because that is why you’re here on Earth. The minute you align your passion with your business, all of the opportunities show up.

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