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How To Add More Value In Your Content

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Today I want to talk to you about content. There are so many reasons to offer high content, high value—not only in your marketing, but also in your offerings. One of the reasons is that there is a lot of fluff out there from your competitors.

You see, your prospects have choices and they’re being bombarded with so much information and a lot of it is fluff. A lot of it is not good enough and it doesn’t go really deep. I want you to start positioning yourself as the person who provides the highest value out there, even when you’re giving stuff away for free.

Let me share with you some examples. I offer my How to Attract All the Clients You Need free CD at ClientAttraction.com. It’s a full hour—and it’s 100% free. The shipping is free, the distribution, everything. I pay for it all and I send it to the far reaches of the world. Once I started offering it, I started attracting lots more clients and as a result started building my list very quickly. Why? Because the content was very good. Not only is this an Irresistible Free Offer, but the content was good.

Now Imagine if I’d sent this free CD, but it was a massive sales pitch with zero content or even just a little bit of content. What impression do you think I would make on people around the world who were interested in who I was and what I had to offer? Not much of an impression if there was no content in there! But I do the opposite and I welcome you to do the same. Give more content. Give more value, especially in your free stuff. Blow people away.

I want you to plant the seed in your prospect’s minds that, “Wow, if she or he is offering that much high content and high value in her or his FREE stuff, I can’t imagine how much more there is in the paid stuff.” They’re seeing the tip of the iceberg, knowing there’s just so much more underneath if they start working with you. When you give high content and high value, you become irresistible.

I want you to think about a time that you went to see a speaker. Let’s say it was a Tuesday night and you spent time away from your friends and family and you paid money or you schlepped to go see that speaker and you got pitched the whole time or there was so very little content that was applicable. You went home and you were probably like, “Wow, I just can’t believe it. I’ll never work with that person.” Conversely, imagine going to see a speaker who gave and gave above and beyond and you got so much value. Are you not so much more inclined to work with that person?

I know that I am because that person is generous and they have integrity and they have authenticity and they over deliver. I love hiring somebody like that.

Your Video Assignment

I want you to start thinking about where you can add more high value, high content. Can you add more high value in your ezine? What about your blog? What about articles or special reports that you’ve written that you’ve put on the internet? What about on a CD or an audio download? What about interviews? What about in your programs and workshops and seminars and videos?

Start delivering at least 10% more content—really actionable content.

What you’ll see is that people will be more inclined to work with you. They’re going to come out of the woodwork to work with you and they’re going to tell other people that they should work with you. That is how you fill your practice. Even if your practice is full and you’re looking to leverage your business, that is how you sell more products, fill more groups, and fill more events & programs. That’s how you make a lot more money leveraging yourself and your content.

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