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How To Accept Change In Your Business

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Today’s topic is about accepting change. If you want to get more clients, make more money, play a bigger game and leverage and multiply your business and breakthroughs, then that means something needs to change.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my life so far. We human beings are not wired for change. If you think about the body’s ability to keep its own temperature the same and the saline content in your blood the same and if you think about your pH level—it’s always about balance. It’s always about keeping the status quo.

So you’re wired to keep the status quo and to not change anything and then you also have this wanting to advance. As human beings we are also wired to want more –we want more luxury, more quality of life, more fun, more delicious food; whatever it is, we want more.

When you want more of anything, it requires a change. I want to share some tips with you today about accepting change in your business. The first one is understand that nothing is permanent—not in your life and not in your business. I want you to understand that sometimes it’s necessary for old things to leave and new things to come in. Accepting that nothing will ever be the same is the place to start.

I know that a lot of people resist change in their business. Maybe you’ve been going solo at it for a long time and you realize that perhaps bringing on a virtual assistant or a team member or somebody to delegate to is necessary for growth but you resist that because perhaps it’s a mindset thing or you have fears around it or belief systems. My second tip is to understand that if you want to grow you must let go of that resistance and understand that the way you did it before is not the way you will create growth in your business.

Or perhaps you’ve been running your business solo and you finally realize that to get to the next big level you need to have a mentor because you cannot do it on your own. A lot of times people have resistance around that or resistance around investing in themselves or charging more or leveraging or creating group programs as opposed to just one on one.

So I want you to really get that nothing is permanent and remember that whenever you’re changing something, there is a reason. There is a reason for change. Change does not occur for no reason. Change occurs so that you can get to a new level or create different results.

Tip number three around accepting change in your business is that we usually make a bigger deal about change than is necessary. A lot of times we are the bottleneck and there’s this mindset thing of, “Oh no, I can’t do that. That’s just going to change everything.”

What I’ve realized in my own life and in my experience of working directly with thousands of entrepreneurs at this point is the resistance to the change usually takes a lot more energy than just getting accustomed to the new way of doing things. For example, when I made the switch from PC to Mac, I thought, “Oh no, it’s going to take me months,” and I resisted it. It really only took me about a day. Or when I decided to change the type of work I was doing with clients, I fretted about it for months and months and then within a week all my worries were gone and the new way of doing things was just so much easier.

And guess what? With each change, I loved the new results.

Your Video Assignment

My question for you today is where are you resisting change in your business? You have goals. You know what you need to be doing, and yet how are you getting in our own way?

Where are you resisting change? Take some time to really think about these questions and write your answers out for clarity.


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