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How to abolish the consumer mindset

Today’s blog post will probably confuse you at first, but stay with me, OK?

Something happened to me a while back.

I went to yet another marketing/business conference where speaker after speaker kept putting images on the screen about their amazingly luxe life.

It was all Maseratis and palatial homes and it was quite impressive.

I’m sure that their intent was to impress the people in the room and say, “See, I have the life that you want! You want this life too! Work with me!”

(Admittedly, I got trapped into doing this same thing a few years ago myself, following the herd, as one does in the beginning.)

The culture from one of the speakers was very much a masculine “Keeping up with the Joneses” energy, to be part of the race and to show your success to the world. I too originally got sucked into that “accumulation phase” where I had to have bigger and better of everything to feel worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have very lovely things…

But I’ve noticed something that happens, that no one in the marketing and business growth world will tell you about. And it’s become a game changer for me and also a loving warning for you, as you grow your business. Here it is:

If you accumulate “things” for the sake of accumulation, for proving yourself and filling a void that is unfillable, the desire for more will just keep going and going.

You’ll likely end up trapping yourself into a business lifestyle that requires that you keep working really hard just to keep up with your expenses.

I see this happen all the time. I’ve been there too, and I don’t recommend it.

When you’re running your business feverishly to support your lifestyle, you start coming from an energetic place of need and lack, even though you have all of the trappings of a highly successful life.

Since moving to France, I’ve started really looking at what it is that I actually need to have a really lovely lifestyle.

Is it about “the stuff” or is it about your enjoyment of what you already have and focusing on increasing the pleasure in your life?

One of the things I now teach is it’s not about more things.

Instead, it’s about creating an impact through your business

…and really being in the moment and making mindful choices about your life.

Here’s a question that we need to ask ourselves:

“Is this going to give me pleasure or is this something I’m doing or buying to impress people I don’t actually care about?”

“How can I make my life obscenely beautiful and have a high quality of life without getting myself all caught up in the hamster wheel of accumulation?”

What might happen for you if you start thinking about things in this way, is you begin looking at every aspect of your life and asking yourself:

Can I find enjoyment here?
Does this give me pleasure?
If it doesn’t, why am I doing it?

That’s when you mindfully create a life where you don’t actually need more things.

Operating from need energy is no longer part of your life. It’s about really enjoying the things that you have.

Of course you can acquire more things if you’d like to, but just notice the energy behind it.

What I’ve found is that I have a higher quality of life, without buying more things.

I’m no longer trapped in that consumer mindset, because I’m enjoying what I have and the people around me, and I spend my time creating nice experiences with them.

What happens when you do that is that you don’t have to white knuckle your business so much to keep up with the expenses.

That is what I’ve found has put me in the greatest sense of abundance.

I’m sending you so much love and inviting you to live a life that you really love without the need energy behind it.

And instead, to focus on impact and influence.

In love and true abundance,

P.S. I’m feeling VERY inspired to support you to make an even bigger impact and serve more people through your business…and I also know you can’t keep doing good work in the world if you don’t make enough doing it (i.e. more cashflow).

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Not for the STUFF. For the impact. And for the difference that you are uniquely here to make on the planet.

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