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How The Best Get Better: a conversation with my very own multi-million dollar business coach

I consider myself massively privileged to be coached by the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship in action, the legendary Dan Sullivan. Dan is a true mentor and a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurial coaching, having helped “the best get better” for over 30 years. We as Dan’s clients, top-performing business leaders in our fields, refer to his coaching process as the final piece of the puzzle to transform wisdom into innovation for which we’re now well-known. It’s truly rare to get Dan on the phone, and I’m honored to have him as my special guest for our upcoming Special Topic Call. Do whatever you can to be there live to eavesdrop on our conversation on this free-call and experience firsthand the ideas, perspective and advice that have dramatically increased my own business.

Have you heard the big news? The Inner Circle Monthly Special Topic Calls are now F.R.E.E! Register now to join this live call with Fabienne and her special guest. It’s not just ONLY for Inner Circle members anymore and anyone can join!

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