How “ordinary” people make 7 figures (new video)

I’m thinking that since it’s the beginning of the year and all, I would like to rock your world a bit…put you on the “Fabienne stretcher” and get you thinking WAY bigger than you’ve perhaps allowed yourself to dream before.

In today’s teaching video I’ve got the BIG QUESTIONS for you…the ones that will lead you to discovering exactly how to make a lot of money (7 figures, anyone??) and change the world.

Are you game?

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to answer a couple of vital questions I have for you in today’s video that will prepare you for the million-dollar mark:

The world isn’t changed by ordinary people doing ordinary things.

It is changed by ordinary people…

…doing extraordinary things.

And if you’ve embraced the power of this exercise fully, you are going to be scared. This is a good thing. You’ll hear your peers share exactly why this is a good thing at the 2:15 mark.

Dig deep. Dream big. Activate the greatness that’s already within you.

Do what we talk about in this video, and you too can be one of the so-called “ordinary ones” doing extraordinary things…and changing the world, simply by having the audacity to take the information that you discover in these questions and ACT.

I’m here cheering you on, loudly. 😉

p.s. I can’t wait to read what you discover…if you’re ready to be seen standing fully in your power, share at least one of your answers with me in the comments, OK?:

“What would you do if you lived in a vacuum with no risks, repercussions or negative judgements?”

“What great thing would you do beyond your business to change the world if you could not fail?”

“What have you overcome in your life?”

“Who are you here to help?”

“What is the thing you would do all day long…for FREE?”

Your future lies in the answers. I can’t wait to witness it with you, and, I’m here to help. 🙂


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5 Responses

  1. “What great thing would you attempt if you could not fail?”

    That’s easy!!!! I would make sure that each and every one of my 13 books would be available in welfare offices, Department of Public Social Services offices, homeless shelters, halfway houses, especially for those coming out of prison, domestic violence shelters, eating disorder units, mental health units–for starters.

    I have spent HOURS waiting in welfare offices and DPSS offices. The staff of these places treat you as though you have nothing better to do than sit there all day in most instances and wait to see someone for maybe 15 minutes, rarely 20.

    I write about recovering from trauma; overcoming a history of child abuse and rising out of homelessness (with four degrees, no less; homelessness can happen to ANYone). I would love to see my books available FOR FREE to clients and professionals in ALL of these places–places people go to get help, places people go with the hope of getting back on their feet.

    That part of the dream is not scary. I’d just have to change a few bureaucratic minds.

    What IS scary is the workshops/women’s and men’s circles I would hold in which I would talk to people about my story, let them ask questions, listen while they tell their stories, help them write their stories and publish them. Yes, publish them so that others in their situation could see success, hope, rising from perceived failure.

    Having the books available is easy. Letting them ask questions about my life and story? Scary. Running groups in which they share their stories? Scary.

    But I’ll get there. Because what I want for them is needed, needed desperately.

    Thanks for having me dream bigger, Fabienne!!!! Love to you, your staff, and everyone in CABS. I’m finally in!!!!

    Love and blessings,

    Dr. Ni

    PS: Good luck, Darlene!!!!

      1. Thank you, Fabienne; thank you. Everyone I have met so far has impressed me. The work is hard, rigorous, but rewarding. I faced my first challenge as a result of a Daily Accountability Report and wow–I made it though and posted about it on the Facebook group page.What fueled me to actually pull myself over the hump? In my head I kept hearing my Strategy Coach Jennifer Flynn quoting you: “Take imperfect action!”

        I took action and am beginning to see results. And this is just my first full week!!!!! Yowza!!!!

  2. Thank you Fabienne for this great video. I am preparing myself to be an industry transformer for the medical field. I am so passionate about bringing back compassionate patient care to the medical field. It overflows my heart with abundance when I can share how compassion and gratitude can heal ones soul. This is not only good for the patient, but it creates AMAZING medical teams. This is what I would do for free all day every day. It gives me chills when I know how this has the ability to be life changing. Can you see the “ripple” effect. WOW!!! Let’s do this!!!!

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