How Often and When to Send Your Email Newsletter

BlogPost11222013Sending an email newsletter on a consistent and frequent basis is an essential part of the overall Client Attraction marketing strategy. By sharing high-value content and relevant information, you build on the relationship with your email subscribers. Ultimately over time – once they know, like and trust you even more – they will become interested in working with you as a client or become a buyer of your products or services.

I get questions all the time from students and clients about when to send an email newsletter. Many people don’t know what time or day is best. How often is too often? How often is not often enough?

Your consistency and reliability is the most important factor in the timing of your email newsletter. (Click here to tweet this.)

In this week’s video strategy, I explain how to make sure your timing is just right. Watch below to discover the most important entrepreneur marketing strategies when it comes to email marketing timing and frequency.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Take a look at your open rates at different times, on different days and in the context of frequency. Do some analysis. Are more people opening your emails on Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings? Figure out what time best suits your audience and plan your email newsletter around that. Until then, Happy Client Attraction!

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  1. Consistency is King. I delete newsletters of people who didn’t write for months. When they show up again, I am not impressed. I send out my A-Zine (I named it that way because it takes my reader through their raw food, health and life journey from A to Z) every Thursday at noon. I have tried many scoops and figured out that when people take a break at noon, they check in with their personal email and that is when I show up. First I sent it out on Friday and I changed that too, after being overwhelmed myself with everybody’s newsletter on Friday. That too gave me better opening rates. Thanks for the affirmation!

  2. Just implemented a plan to send monthly – for the corporate audience I believe this is enough. I had a crazy open rate for my first one – 50% out of over 1000. I’m excited to be implementing this as part of the overall client attraction model.

  3. Thank you Derek…staying consistent is the VERY most important thing I want to get going. The rest will fall into place after that!

  4. Great Video Derek! I have been sending my E-Zine Thursday mornings for a little over a year. I would like to do the testing you suggest sending it at different days and times to determine best open rates. Do you recommend still sending my regular thing on Thursdays and then a short note different days OR should I just change it up and experiment every week? Should I start with different times on Thursdays just to see if that has an impact? Would love your thoughts on this! Thanks!

    1. I’d change it up a little to see how your open rates and engagement changes. You could even let your readers know, and survey them on days they prefer to receive mailings! Thanks for stopping by to comment Maggie! :)

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