How millionaires make decisions

Oh, I think you will get a lot of value from today’s video on making decisions like a millionaire.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last 10 years since being at 7 figures:

The abundance and riches that are waiting for you don’t come into your life in the form of money. They show up as opportunities, ones you must take ACTION on to get results.

How you respond to opportunities (how you make decisions) is the fundamental difference.

The problem is, most people haven’t been taught to make decisions the way million-dollar business owners do, but today I will teach you how.
In this week’s video message, I teach you the framework for making better decisions. Watch it right now (and be sure to take notes, as this will be so helpful for you):

You see, people tend to look at the things they will lose if they were to say yes to an opportunity (in the name of preserving a sense of certainty and security) rather than all the things they will gain when going for it.

When I shifted my mindset around how I responded to making decisions, everything changed.

I taught the Leverage Track Paris meeting this week and one of our new members said to me,

“I’d heard for years about how magical it is to work with you, Fabienne. I always knew I would join you, but I waited for too long. Now I am glad I finally said yes, but after being here and seeing it in person, I should have said yes to joining years ago.”

My response (with a cheeky smile and a wink) was, “You know, Taha, I’ve been emailing you regularly for years. You just needed to say yes to the opportunity repeatedly presented to you.”

The bottom line? We don’t get results from things we don’t action.

Opportunities are gifts from Source.

So how do you know which ones to say yes to?

The process I discuss in today’s video is from French philosopher René Descartes. The next time that you have a decision to make, I invite you to sit down for 5-10 minutes and answer these questions.

(Dig deep and go beyond your first few thoughts.)

What will happen if I say yes to this opportunity?
What will happen if I don’t say yes to this opportunity?
What won’t happen if I do say yes to this opportunity?
What won’t happen if I don’t say yes to this opportunity?

I want you to think about an opportunity that keeps presenting itself to you in real life (or a decision that you haven’t made) and apply this process.

And then action your decision, whether it’s YES or NO. If it is NO…release it.

But if it’s YES then take action now.

This is how million-dollar decisions get made.

Much love,

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